A Searing Wind

A Searing Wind is the third and final book in the Battle for American trilogy. This is a not to be missed trilogy. If you enjoy history, Indians, or just reading a really good book, than you have to check this series out.

I got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Gear a long time ago. They were so nice. They are really knowable about their craft. You can tell that they have done their home work and have a passion for what they do. I tried them both as separate authors and together. While, I like them both, I have to say that I enjoy them as a team.

In this final book, Black Shell and his wife, Pearl Hand have barely survived the battle of Mabila. Now, Black Shell and Pearl Hand are their people’s only last hope to stop Hernando de Soto. Soto and his troops are traveling farther and farther away. The final battle will have everyone fighting for their lives. My only minor complaint was that at times it was slow moving, otherwise a good read. Warning as this book will have you immersed in it and lost in history…in a good way!


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