Watch out for the Lemon Tart!

Sadie Hoffmiller was making homemade apple sauce when she saw the first police car some driving down her neighbor to Anne Lemmon’s house. Sadie is like the resident neighborhood watch woman. So when she sees the police car, she stops what she is doing and heads to Anne’s house. When Sadie arrives to Anne’s house, she has a bad feeling but when she smells that Anne has something in the oven, her worries go away until the police find Anne’s body. Before Sadie can make sense of Anne’s murder; she is considered a suspect. Sadie knows she did nothing wrong and fears the worst for Anne’s young son, Trevor. Trevor is missing. Can Sadie solve Anne’s murder before the police do?

Lemon Tart is the first book in a brand new cozy mystery series by author, Josi S. Kilpack. I loved Sadie and her nosey ways. I had a fun time reading this book. I was laughing, smiling and cheering for Sadie to come out on top. Never mess with a woman’s stove…especially when she is cooking a lemon tart! Some of the people, Sadie knew tried to pull the wool over her eyes. This didn’t work. If anything it only made Sadie more determined to expose them and get to the bottom of the truth. All the recipes printed throughout this book were an added bonus. I plan to use them all.


Cheryl said…
Oh, the cover is making me hungry. I have to read this one!
Josi said…
Thanks so much for the review :-)

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