Too Close to Home

When one girl went missing, there was some concern. Though when another girl went missing shortly after the first one, people started to panic; especially when the body of one of the missing girls turns up.

FBI Special Agent Samantha Cash is called onto the case to assist, Homicide detective Connor Wolfe. Connor is good at his job. Some of Samantha’s techniques throw him for a loop. Though when it comes to this case, he is fine with letting Samantha take the lead.

You know when you parents warned you about meeting people online, they weren’t saying it annoy you but to protect you. Just when Samantha and Connor think they are getting closer to the killer; a turn of event brings the case even closer to home for Connor then he ever wished. The killer has targeted his daughter, Jenna. Will Samantha and Connor be able to stop the killer before it is too late.

Too Close to Home is book one of the Women of Justice series. I thought this book was a pretty good start to this series. Samantha and Connor worked well together as a team. It was nice to see a female lead character be so strong and in charge. There was an issue with the killer in this story. While, I didn’t need this book to be gruesome but I would have liked to have seen the killer become a more prominent character in this book. Though, I can’t wait to see how this story all plays out in book two.


Lynette Eason said…
Hi Cheryl, thanks so much for your comments on the book. I appreciate that you enjoyed the story!

God Bless,


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