Poor Little Bitch Girl

Annabelle Maestro is the daughter of famous film maker, Ralph Maestro. Annabelle is used to living the good life. So when her father will no longer give her handouts, Annabelle has to find a way to survive. With the help of her coke-addict boyfriend, Frankie; Annabelle and Frankie start up a high priced call girl business.

Denver Jones is an up and coming successful lawyer. Denver has just scored the biggest client of her career…Ralph Maestro. Mr. Maestro is the number one suspect in the murder of his wife. Denver has not seen any of the Maestro’s since, she and Annabelle were little girls in school.

Carolyn has fallen for a married senator. She can’t wait for him to leave his wife, so that they can be together forever. In fact he is the father of her unborn child.

Bobby Santangelo is the famous son of Lucky Santangelo. Lucky has made appearances in several of Ms. Collin’s novels. Bobby and Denver hook up.

Poor Little Bitch Girl had its highs and its lows. This book read like a soap opera…all the drama. At times I couldn’t take it. At the beginning of the book, I really got into Annabelle, and Denver. Then about middle of the book, I really got into Carolyn and Annabelle. The only person I never really found any interest in was Bobby. Though, he had his hands in a little bit of almost everyone’s business. My biggest issue was that there wasn’t anything about the characters that really made me want to like them, other than Carolyn. Even then it took me a while to warm up to her. She started out weak but grew by the end of the book. Overall, Poor Little Bitch Girl gets only 3 stars from me.


bookaholic said…
This seemed nice...sad you found it disappointing.

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