"Snubbr: ask an expert". = Win a book!

I want to thank the people at Snubbr for allowing me to host this giveaway. They will give one person a chance to win the book of their choice.

I am sure we all have a favorite historical novel. Wheather it be fiction or nonfiction. Well now is the time to share. Check out some of the best historical ficion novels chosen here.

All you have to do to enter to win a free book is to leave a comment here with your email address, with what historical novel you like or maybe want to read. I will pick a winner, one weel from today.


Shy said…
I've to admit that I don't read so much book under this genre. However, those that I've read, I really loved tremendously. One book that stands out in my head is Brethren by Robyn Young. I haven't read the rest of the trilogy yet but as the first book in the series, this one really stood out.

Okay, here is perhaps THE best historical novel ever written - and it's an oldie that was made into a movie decades ago.

The title is FOREVER AMBER written by Kathleen Windsor. It took her TEN years to research & write this book, and her attention to detail is fabulous.

Thanks for the fun contest :)

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Linda said…
My comfort zone for historical fiction is America and medieval England; but I have heard so many people mention Aztec as an all-time favorite, I've decided I really must give it a try. Thanks for this giveawy opportunity.
sharon54220 said…
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sharon54220 said…
I had the title wrong, so let's start over. I would love to read Water for Elephants.

bookaholic said…
I want to read Aztec,because I have had a lot of people recommending it to me but I have not managed to read it till date :(
Thanks for hosting the lovely giveaway!!

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