Skin and Bones

FBI Special Agent Severin Ash deals in missing person’s cases all the time. His latest case is no exception. A child has gone missing. At what first seemed like a open and shut case for Ash, has now turned out to be a challenge. Another child has gone missing. Ash brings in the help of a local woman by the name of Parker Kelly. It will all of Parker and Ash’s brain smarts to solve this case. The people in town have a few things they are hiding.

I so wanted to really like this book as it seemed right up my alley. Unfortunately, I found I had a hard time getting into this book. It wasn’t for a lack of trying as I did pick this book up several times. Skin and Bones just wasn’t the book for me. I do want to warn readers that there is some strong language used in this book. Though, you may find yourself liking this book as other readers did. I just seemed to be in the minority. The chill and creep factor was high in this book. This was a good thing. Agent Ash is one tough cookie and smart too. I could see where D.C. Corso was going with this book. I thought Skin and Bones had some potential.


this sounds like an interesting book and the creep factor, hmmm, wonder if it's comparable to Stephen King's books.
cherylbaryl said…
It does sound like an interesting book, but I don't like when there is a book like that when you just can't get into that. I have had a few of those lately. Hope your next one is better!

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