Check out the Guest House

Matt Garry and his parents JoLee Gene lived in a trailer park. It is not the best of circumstances but they make do. Besides they are kind of a broken family. Matt never really got to know his father until about kindergarden. He dad was always on the road. JoLee works as a massage therapist. It is at her job that she meets Melba Burns. Melba is in need of a friend.

It has only been a short while since the incident that changed Melba’s life but she will never forget it. She was driving home one day, when she witnessed a truck back into a man on a bike. The man was thrown through the air, where he landed in a bloody heap. The man died in Melba’s arms.

This one event changes Melba’s outlook on the rest of her life. She quits her job, gets rid of her vehicle, and moves into a quiet farm house.

I thought the Guest House started out strong. Sadly for some reason I didn’t really find this book to my liking, the first time around. Yes, you heard me right. It took me two times to read this book. Usually I won’t do that as my instincts are pretty accurate. The first time, I had to re-read paragraphs as I couldn’t get myself into liking this book as much as I tried. I did finish it was a struggle. The Guest House was to become an uninvited guest but after reading many other peoples thoughts, which again I don’t do until after I have written my thoughts, made me decide to try this book out one more time.

Sometimes second chances are worth it. I felt a better connection with Melba, JoLee and Matt. The characters in this story could be your neighbors. They were filled with so many emotions from sadness, love, loss and happiness. Author, Barbara K. Richardson is welcome back as a guest into my home anytime.


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