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Halloween Contest Winners

Happy Halloween. I present to you the winners of a copy of this book. Congrats.

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The Reach

In honor of Halloween. I have a scary read for you. Nate Kenyon was a finalist for the Bram Stoker award. The Reach will release November 25, 2008.

Ten years old, Sarah has pretty much lived her whole life in a mental hospital. Dr. Wasserman at The Wasserman Facility has diagnosed Sarah as being a schizophrenic. Sarah isn’t your normal schizophrenic; in fact Sarah is also a psychic. Jess Chambers has studied the extreme child psychology cases and that is why she is very excited to be able to meet young Sarah. The doctors at The Wasserman Facility have been able to control Sarah. You know the saying “Be careful what you wish for”, well Jess is about to find out that wishes are not always a good thing. After Jess meets Sarah strange and scary things start happening at the facility that no one not even Sarah could predict.

This book was filled with plenty of intense and electrifying horror. The Reach started out very strong and ended on a high note. I thought Sarah was a normal ten year old; ok maybe she happened to have a unique gift but other then that fact, Sarah just wanted to have a voice and be heard. Dr. Wasserman won’t let that take place. So what happens when someone who has not been able to speak for ten years, finally gets the chance…the end result is Nate Kenyon’s The Reach; a book that will not disappoint and leave you wanting more. The Reach is the first book I have read by Mr. Kenyon. I can assure you that I will be reading more books by this very talented author.

For more information about this author and his books. head on over to his website at

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Letters Between Us

I want to thank Paula with Author Marketing Experts, Inc. for sending me a copy of this book to read for review.

Letters Between Us is a story of two best friends, Katherine Taylor Fields and Laura Wells. The story begins when Katherine is found dead. Laura is shocked and trying to make sense of her death. So Laura decides to travel back in time by reading all the correspondences she and Katherine wrote each other. Letters Between Us takes the reader through the span of the sixties, seventies, and eighties. This book is a beautifully crafted tale of love, loss, growing pains and most of all friendship.

Linda Rader Overman is a true craftsman of the art of fine storytelling. Every once in a while, you read a book that moves you so much that it sticks in your head; well I have to tell you that Letters Between Us is one of those books. Though it was a terrible tragedy what happened to Katherine, the one thing that Katherine had that most people would envy is a wonderful best friend in Laura. This is the first book I have read by Linda and I hope to read more by this author.

Check out Linda's website at

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Prince of Midnight

I want to thank Danielle with Sourcebooks for sending me this book to review.

Lady Leigh Strachan doesn’t realize how deadly a game she is playing. Leigh wants justice for her family’s killer, so she devises a plan to dress up as a boy and track down the killer herself.

S.T. Maitland is a very feared and dangerous man. Even his being a nobleman does not help as his other profession of highway man fall outweighs his status and gained him the nickname of the Prince of Midnight. You won’t know it by the way S.T. Maitland acts but he is disabled, he is deaf in one ear as well as coping with vertigo.

Lady Leigh Strachan crosses paths with S. T. Maitland. Leigh inquires to Maitland for his help and he agrees. The more time Maitland spends around Leigh, the stronger the attraction he feels towards her but wait till he finds out Leigh is a woman.

S.T. Maitland’s pet wolf made me think of a guide dog. This surprised me not because a wolf couldn’t be tamed but because this is the first book that I can remember where the use of a guide dog type was incorporated into the story. I really liked this fact, because I myself once raised a guide dog. The plot for this book intrigued me but unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. I found it seemed to drag on at times. I did not let this fact though keep me from finishing the book. As far as historical romance novels go, The Prince of Midnight did turn out to be a pretty good book. I would gladly welcome the chance to try a Laura Kinsale book again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Travel out West

This is one of my favorite authors of western romances. I got the chance to interview Jodi Thomas. Here latest book Tall, Dark, and Texan releases today. So go out and pick yourself up a copy.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Do you have any type of schedule that you follow when your writing a book?

When I’m working on a book there are no days off, no weekends. I like to keep the story close and fresh in my mind. I usually work on a story about three hours a day. I may be in my office for much longer, but I’m answering e-mail, doing research, preparing for a talk, or playing around.
My best creating time is late at night. Sometimes if the story is going I’ll write late into the night.

What do you love the most about living in Texas?

I love the people. Maybe it’s because we all came from people crazy enough to settle here, but there is wildness in the heart of most Texans.

I read you like to travel. What is your favorite vacation spot?

Part of me likes to explore places I’ve never been before. I love England and Alaska for that reason. Part of me likes to return to places where I’ve had great times. I love New York and Oklahoma City for that reason. Places get inside of me once I spend time there and I feel connected. I worry about New Orleans and Galveston. I watched the fires near Big Sur this summer and like all Americans I panicked on 9/11.

What did you spend your money on from your first sale?

I probably spent the advance on celebrating. We went out to eat every time something happened. The sale, the contract arriving, the rewrites finished, the cover, the galleys.
With the first check I bought a new computer.

Who comes up with the ideas for your book covers?

I think there is a meeting of my editor, the art department and the sales force, but I’m not sure. I think the editor has most of the say. I have very little. They do a great job.

Of all the different books you have written, which one is your favorite and why? Also who is your favorite character?

I’ve loved many of the characters but I’ve followed Teagen through two books and couldn’t wait to write his story in TALL,DARK, AND TEXAN. I think I’m as proud of this story as I’ve ever been. Teagen is a hard, but fair, man who feels like he’s spent his life fighting. He has no idea how to handle the widow who shows up on his doorstep and asks for help.

If one of your books was made into a movie, who would you want to play the male and female leads?

The book I see in my mind play out as a movie is TWISTED CREEK. I’d love to know who the readers see when they read.

Do you have a favorite time period you like to write about liked for example: 17th century, 18th century, etc?

I love to write Texas stories set between 1850-1880. So much happened in Texas during that time. It was the hardest of times that brought out the best in people.

Please talk a little more about Whispering Mountain Series and the latest book Tall, Dark and Texan.

I developed the Whispering Mountain Series with the opening of the back story. Three boys, 12, 11,and 6 have to take over a ranch when their parents die. They have to fight to keep the ranch until one is old enough to claim the land. All three boys are scarred by the years that follow. All three become strong men.

Book 1—Travis’s story TEXAS RAIN is about the middle brother who becomes a Texas Ranger.

Book 2---Tobin’s story TEXAS PRINCESS is about the youngest brother who was hurt at six and mistrusts people.

Book 3---Teagen’s story is about the oldest brother who turned into a man at 12 and hardened to the point that he trust no one except family. In TALL, DARK, AND TEXAN, he had decided he’ll always be alone. It takes a widow and three little girls to wake him up to the fact that he’s human and can love.

All three books are shown on my website with trailers.

What other future projects can we look forward to?

There will be two more Whispering Mountain stories. One about Sage, the little sister of the boys and another about Duck, an adopted child in book 1 who grows up to have to deal with Teagen’s three daughters.

I’m also finishing up a book that will be out in April 09 called REWRITING MONDAY. It’s about a small town newspaper in West Texas.

Thank you again for this interview.

You are welcome. It was a pleasure.

I was luckily enough to receive two autographed copies of Tall, Dark and Texan, along with some other goodies. To give to two readers. To win. Comment on this post or ask a question to Jodi. I will pick the two winners November 1st. Remember to leave an Email address. Sorry but open only to U. S.

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Come visit the lovely isles of Ireland

I want to thank Danielle with for sending me this book to review.

Donovan O’Shea has gone back home to Ireland, to visit his father. His father has had a stroke. Once in Ireland, Donovan meets Rylie Powell. Donovan can’t believe such a beautiful woman would come to pay him a visit, to Donovan’s much surprise, Rylie has not come to see Donovan but instead Donovan’s father. Rylie is claiming that Donovan and Rylie are half brother and sister. Donovan fully believes that Rylie is making this up and can prove it. Rylie comes from America and Donovan knows for a fact that his father has never been to the States before; that was till Rylie shares something with Donovan that could change both of their lives forever.

The Wild Sight: An Irish tale of deadly deeds and forbidden love is a good first book by Loucinda McGary. I was enthralled by it. What a wonderful, romantic; love story. My favorite thing about the whole book was the location… Ireland. My dream is to someday visit Ireland but for now I will just have to settle for visiting it through Loucinda McGary’s The Wild Sight: An Irish tale of deadly deeds and forbidden love. Ok, so Donovan has two really great features going for him…one he is very handsome and two he has an accent. So as you can imagine, I had no problems falling for Donovan. Rylie was such a sweet and charming lady that you just couldn’t help but find yourself liking her. I hope to see Donovan and Rylie again in another one of Loucinda’s books.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat?

I recently finished reading a book by Cheryl Dragon that I think is a great Halloween read.

Kevin was Zach’s boyfriend and lover. Kevin had the perfect body and dark hair. Zach loved watching Kevin move and Zach could never stop himself from running his hands all over Kevin’s body. There is just only other thing, Zach also loves women…actually make that one woman in particular and her name is Abby. Zach and Abby have been best friends since college but Zach and Abby never hooked up. Abby has teased about having a three some. Zach is ready to make Abby’s fantasy a reality.

The male/male/female combination is a first for Cheryl Dragon. I have to say that I have read many firsts from Ms. Dragon now like m/m/f, m/m, f/f, and even a sci-fi female on robot. There is one thing all of these firsts have in common and that is they are all H-O-T and I enjoyed them all! Arresting Abby give a whole new meaning to strip search. For once I actually found myself wishing I was Abby. She got to experience her fantasy turn into a reality. I always clear myself time when I am going to read a Cheryl Dragon book because I know I will just keep reading the book till I finish it. Ms. Dragon has slayed my heart and won me over with her books. I hope to see many more firsts from Cheryl Dragon.

The Sunday Salon

I want to thank Karen Chance for sending me this book to review.

Dorina Basarab is back in a whole new series. Midnight’s Daughter is the first book in this series. For those of you who have not read Karen Chance’s first trilogy, then let me tell you a little bit about Dorina.

Dorina is a dhampir. What is a dhampir? Think of a dhampir like Wesley Snipes’s character “Blade”, someone who is half human and half vampire. Dory likes what she does by taking out the bad guys one by one. Dory is also a bit of a loner but that’s just the way she likes it. Out of the blue, Dory’s father walks back into her life. There’s no happy reunion for this father and daughter. No, Dory’s father has come to Dory for assistance. He needs her to track and capture the biggest vampire of them all…Dracula. Dory does not want anything to do with this plan especially when it involves her uncle, Dracula. Plus as if that wasn’t enough, Dory’s good friend and room mate, Claire has gone missing. Dory will need all the help she can get this time. Luckily for her...the sexy vampire Louis-Cesare has agreed to team up with Dory to take on Dracula.

First off let me start by saying how much I liked this book. I have read many vampire books but not one where the characters were so strong, no matter if they were the leading characters or the secondary characters. I really enjoyed that because it kept me interested in reading the book as well as connecting with everyone. Dory may only be half vampire but watch out otherwise Dory will give you one hundred percent kick in the ass. Then there was Louis-Cesare, the dark brooding, handsome vampire, who is making Dory’s life miserable. But he definitely knows his way around a woman’s body. Midnight’s Daughter is the first in what I know will be a great new series by Karen Chance.

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Book Giveaway

I am happy to present another giveaway. Renee with Hachette is letting me give away 6, yes 6 copies of Elizabeth Hoyt's latest book in her new series To Seduce a Sinner. This is a good historical romantic book.

I will pick the winners November 8th. Open only to US and Canada and no PO Boxes. Thank you

Leave a comment with your email addy for 1 entry.

Blog or spread the word about this contest and leave me another comment as to where you have done this at and you get 2 entries.

Good Luck

May I present my guest...Cheryl Brooks

Last Sunday I featured a review of a new book titled Warrior by Cheryl Brooks. After reading Warrior, I had the chance to ask Cheryl is she would be nice enough to be a guest on my blog and she said yes. Read what she had to say about her her series came alive. Plus if you missed my review you can see it here

By Cheryl Brooks

I've had the idea for a science fiction romance rattling around in my head for a long time, but about four years ago, I read a book about a woman who had to pose as a slave to a dominant male. It came close to being the sci-fi romance I'd always envisioned, but all I could think of while reading it was how much more fun would it be if the slave was a man! Then I played the ‘what if’ game. What if that slave was a soldier captured and sold into slavery? What if he was the last of an alien species whose males were so irresistible to women that other men set out to destroy them? From there I let my imagination run wild to create Cat, an alien slave with feline traits and sexual abilities far beyond those of ordinary men. To complement this purring tiger, I created Captain Jacinth “Jack” Rutland, a tough-talking, independent space trader on a rescue mission. In desperate need of a man she can trust with her life, she buys Cat, frees him, and The Cat Star Chronicles adventure began!

I had already begun writing Warrior, the second book in the series, when Slave was taken on by Sourcebooks. It was to be a prequel to Slave, chronicling an earlier episode in Cat's life, but when the series was developed, my editor said, "No, that won't work. Here's what you're gonna do: Cat was not the last of his kind. There are others, and this series will be a book about each of them." So I rewrote both the character and the story—which now has a completely different outcome!—and transformed Cat into Leo. It was interesting because along with the change of name and coloring, Leo took on a personality of his own. He still has many of the same Zetithian traits, but while he's a little more reserved than Cat, he's also more mischievous—and much better with a sword!

I've been asked who I had in mind when I wrote the character of Leo, and though sometimes I'll use an actor or someone I've met as the basis for a character, most of my guys come out of my head. When I do use a real person, it seems to work best with someone I don’t know very well; after using their physical appearance and a few character traits, I'm then free to give them any sort of personality I like. Leo is an amalgam of traits, but the Zetithian species was inspired by one particular man, and has more to do with the way he moves than anything. He's one of the best swordsmen I've ever seen and looks absolutely fabulous on a horse!

The sexual abilities that the Zetithians possess is a product of my own wild imagination. All I did was to imagine the ultimate sexual partner. You may not believe this when you read the books, but their "equipment" was originally even more incredible—something my editor had me tone down a bit! Seems not everyone wants—well, let's not go there right now…

When I began developing the plot for Warrior, I envisioned a wise woman living alone in her woodland cottage, growing herbs, concocting potions, and treating those who come to her for healing. I could almost see the flowing fabrics of her clothing, as well as her long dark hair and green eyes—eyes that could literally set you on fire with a glance. Then I endowed her with another remarkable ability, that of telepathic communication with animals. She is human, but with a touch of alien ancestry that gives her and others of her kind their unique powers. Those talents have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations, and each witch must wait for the one man who can father her only child—always female—to enable the line of witches to continue. For her name, I wanted something that reflected her occupation, so I called her Tisana, which is derived from the word tisane, referring to an infusion of herbs.

One thing that made this story different from Slave was the setting and the nature of the story. In Slave, Cat and Jacinth were hopping from planet to planet, but they were alone together most of the time, and Jacinth owned Cat, which meant that he was hers to keep or set free as she saw fit. Warrior is set on the planet Utopia, an Earth colony that was established with the intent to live more in harmony with nature. The society has been distorted over time, becoming more feudal in nature and slavery has become a common practice. The source of conflict in this story is the fact that Leo is owned by Tisana's former lover, Rafe, who brings Leo to Tisana for healing. The love affair begins, but when Rafe needs the pair to help him track his kidnapped sons through the snow-shrouded forest, it was difficult to keep the sexual heat going. However, like most thwarted lovers, Tisana and Leo found ways to be together.

With a witch who is able to understand them, of course there had to be lots of animals in the story! Some were brought with the colonists from Earth, while others are indigenous to Utopia, but they all have their own opinions, their own brand of humor, and some rather pithy comments about humankind.

This book stretched my writing skills further than anything I'd ever done before. I'd never written a battle scene and the conversations between the animals and Tisana were tricky because they were all thoughts, rather than actual speech; what Tisana learned from them, Rafe and Leo couldn't know unless she told them, and vice-versa. However, even with all the difficult details, it is still a story very near and dear to my heart, and I hope my readers will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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The Book of Nonsense

For anyone who has teen readers who like fantasy then they might like to try reading this book.

Daphna loves going to bookstores and everything about them from choosing a book to trading books. You can imagine Daphna’s excitement when a new bookstore opens called The Antiquarian Book Center. Daphna calls the bookstore ABC. This bookstore is not like anything Daphna has ever experienced. ABC only specializes in books about magic. Also what is up with the owner, Mr. Rash? He is one odd bird. After only spending a short time with Mr. Rash, Daphna’s father comes home acting really weird. Come join the adventure with Daphna.

For only being thirteen, I thought Daphna was very smart both book and street. She is a very cute and sweet girl. I was surprised at how quickly this book read. Who knew that going to a bookstore could be so dangerous. I started it in the morning and by the afternoon I had finished reading it. The Book of Nonsense is a fun, quick young adult read that teens will enjoy. The Book of Nonsense is book one. Seeing as to how book one was good I am sure the next book will be just as good.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

To Seduce a Sinner

I want to thank Renee with for sending me this book to review.

Lord Vale is one of the most dashing men around. No women can resist his charm. So then why is the bride to be jilting Lord Vale on his wedding day? Luckily for Lord Vale someone else wants to marry him. Melisande Fleming has wanted Lord Vale for years. Now she has her chance. Melisande does not care if marrying Lord Vale is one sided, as she is the only one that has love in this marriage. Lord Vale didn’t realize just how much of a vicarious woman he married till it came to the love making. There is just one thing holding Lord Vale back from giving his heart to Melisande. He is keeping a secret from her and one that could change their relationship forever.

If you were to ask me what I pictured men to be like back in the days, I would tell you someone like Lord Vale. He was very charismatic as well as the perfect gentleman. Melisande Fleming is such a doll. I enjoyed her from the first moment I was introduced to her. Ok so this character might not have had a leading role in the story but he made for great entertainment and that was Melisande’s dog…Mouse. I did not expect any dogs in this book but I am glad Mouse was in it. To understand what I mean you will have to read To Seduce a Sinner to find out why. When it comes to writing and producing really great historical romances no one does it quite like Elizabeth Hoyt. She brings energy, life, romance and good character development to her books.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trunk Music

LAPD detective Harry Bosch is back. Bosch’s new case will have him traveling to “Sin City” Las Vegas as well as seeing old acquaintances. What happens when a Hollywood movie producer is found shot twice and his body left in the trunk of his car? Harry will ask himself these same questions, while trying to solve this homicide. Tony Alisio was found dead and it seems for some people that are just fine with that. The suspect list is long from Tony’s wife, Veronica and a stripper by the name of Layla. Plus what does the mob have to do with any of this? While in Vegas, Harry runs into former FBI agent and ex-girlfriend Eleanor Wise. Can Harry close this case or will seeing Eleanor make him run off track.

I really liked Harry Bosch. He is a sharp shooter. You always know what you are going to get with him, whether you disagree with him or not. Mr. Connelly has written a great character in Harry Bosch. I grabbed this book and started reading it and even though it was late at night, I just knew I couldn’t go to sleep till I had finished reading it. Luckily for me, Trunk Music moved at a very fast pace that never let go till the end. I found Trunk Music to be a good crime/mystery story. Michael Connelly has been a number one best selling author for years and he deserves to be on top.


I want to thank Miriam with for sending me this book to review.

Mike Bordwin is the headmaster at Avery Academy, a prestigious boarding school in New England. Mike suddenly finds himself heading up an investigation of the most scandalous kind the school has ever seen. A video tape has surfaced. The video shows a fourteen years old girl in a compromising position with three boys. Mike will have his hands full as he tries to get to the bottom of how this situation happened. A situation that will rock the whole community.

I have to say that I thought Testimony was an ok book. It did have a good storyline. The problem I had with the book was that I wanted to take each character and shake some sense into them. The parents were oblivious to what their children’s actions and the children either thought they were untouchable or they wanted to sweep their mistakes under a rug so they could make their parents proud. I found the characters so whiny to me that it turned me off and made me lose interest in the rest of the book. Though I do believe that this also shows that Anita Shreve can writing very well and for this reason I would give her another try.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Check this book out

I wanted to share with you all a new book that I believe will have a lot of people talking. This book will be released October 28th. See some of my thoughts below. I will share my complete review once I have finished the book later.

I have to admit that when I first saw this book, I was apprehensive to read it. Bible Illuminated the Book: New Testament touches on a very sensitive subject matter, even though I had not predetermined clues or thoughts about this book either good or bad. I have to tell you from the little bit I did see of this book, I was surprised that I found myself actually liking it. Bible Illuminated the Book: New Testament that I found stayed pretty true to the actual Bible but just written in just a little bit easier format. Within this book there also housed some of the most amazing, breathtaking photos; some that really touched your heart. I can’t wait to get back into this book and read the rest of it.

One Perfect Day

I want to thank Miriam with Hachette for sending me this book.

Nora Peterson, her husband Gordon and her twin children, Charlie and Christi were just like any other family. They had their arguments but they all loved each other. Nora, Charlie and Christi were preparing for Christmas. Gordon was stranded momentary due to weather. He was heading home from a business trip. The day was December 23. A day that Nora and her family will never forget. As the turn of events that take place this fatal day will change the lives of two families forever.

Jenna Montgomery and her daughter, Heather both knew how precious living every day to the fullest was. You see, Heather has heart problems and has been on the donors list for a while now. A miracle happens and Heather receives a new heart for Christmas.

I felt for both families as they struggled in different ways to get on with their lives. Lauraine Snelling has one of my favorite Christian authors. She brings a grace and fluidity to her stories. It has been a while since I have read one of her books. I have to say that after reading One Perfect Day I will be starting back up again with her books. She is a master storyteller. Mrs. Snelling’s books can be read and enjoyed by anyone. Just because she writes Christian books does not mean that she gets preachy in them. They do teach a lesson but they are lessons that we all can benefit from remembering and using in our everyday lives.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Celtic Sacrifice

Here is another author I met on GoodReads. Celtic Sacrifice will be released November 2008.

The year is September 15, 1581. The place is Leitrim, Ireland.

It was foretold many years ago that Una, the high priestess would be reborn again. Una died giving birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Ceana and Cailean O’Hagan could not be anymore opposite of each other then if they had been born just brother and sister and not twins. Now at eighteen years old, Ceana sets out for Sacred Grove of Brigid to begin her training, so that she can prepare for the Samhain ritual and fulfill her duties as druid priestess. Along the way she runs into Cian. It is foretold in the prophecies that Ceana would marry Cian of the clan O’Connor. Cian and Ceana do feel a slight attraction to each other. Cian goes away for a spell and while he is gone a new guy comes into the picture. His name is Patrick and he is a soldier, who has taken a liking to Ceana. Ceana has a choice to make. Does she either go with Cian, who is destined to be her husband or will Ceana give her heart to Patrick?

It really seemed like Sheryl Brennan did her research when it came to Celtic and druids. Everything about the book from the story, the characters, and even how they spoke was authentic to me. There was one or two times were I started to get confused on what was going on but as I read on, it made sense to me on why the characters were doing the things they did. I have read a few books now that focus around druids and have enjoyed every single one of them and Celtic Sacrifice is no exception. Celtic Sacrifice is the first book and already Sheryl Brennan is working on the sequel, Celtic Hope. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next in Celtic Hope.

Check out Sheryl's website at . She currently has a couple of contests going on.

Purchase the book here

The Gate House

I want to thank Miriam with Hachette for sending me a copy of this book for review. This book will release October 28th.

John Sutter has returned back home to the Gold Coast, after being away for three years. It seems already though news of his arrival has made its way to the Bellarosa family. It’s like John is seeing an old ghost in Frank Bellarosa’s son, Anthony. Anthony has a plan to try and convince John to head back into the dark, gritty world and work for the Bellarosa family again. As if that wasn’t enough, John runs into his wife Susan. Susan and John are willing to give their relationship second change but will John be able to forgive Susan for her infidelity?

Three years ago, Susan took a lover. Her lover was none other than Frank Bellarosa. Something terrible happened and Susan ended up killing Frank. Now Anthony would like nothing better then to exact revenge for his father’s killer.

John was just this normal guy who is trying to piece things back together in his life. I think because I felt sorry for John I felt a better connection to him then to any other characters in this book. I really thought John deserved someone better than Susan after what she did to him. Some of the comments that would come out of Anthony’s mouth were so cheesy they made you just want to roll your eyes but at the same time you couldn’t help but find them funny. Don’t let the fact that this book sits at six hundred and eighty-eight pages scare you as it is a good read. The Gate House is the long awaited sequel to The Gold Coast. Though I had not read The Gold Coast I do believe that The Gate House will make fans happy as well as being worth the wait. Mr. DeMille really knows his stuff!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Sunday Salon

I want to thank Danielle with for sending me this book to review.

Tisana is a witch, who has healing skills and the ex-ordinary ability to communicate with animals telepathy. Tisana will always remember the night that Leo appeared in her life. It was a snowy night outside but inside it was sweltering hot. Leo comes from a far away planet made up of a race that has the feline gene as their DNA makeup. Tisana’s friend, Rafe requires Tisana’s help. His sons have been kidnapped. Join Tisana, Leo, Rafe and a whole slew of talking animals as they go on a journey to rescue Rafe’s sons.

Warrior is the second book in the Cat Star Chronicles series. It can be read as a stand alone book. I don’t know if having the feline gene helps or if Leo was born blessed but he has a mighty nice sword if you know what I mean. Ok, besides Leo being well-endowed he is also easy on the eyes. I was so pleased to see that Warrior had such a masculine, handsome character as the male lead. Tisana reminded me of Dr. Doolittle but modern times. Because she could talk to the animals and I thought she was really funny. I really liked when she would communicate with Sinjar, a horse. There were times I found myself laughing so hard. I have to say that the sexual tension that transpired between Leo and Tisana was out of this world. Warrior will make you purr with delight. Cheryl Brooks has a great talent as a storyteller. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wish You Were Here

Freya Daly is ready to take over her father’s company when he retires. Unfortunately her father does not think Freya is ready and wants her to prove her worth. So he sends Freya to Deer Creek, Idaho. If Freya can get the owner, Nate Brody to sell his campground then Freya’s father will let her run his company. For Freya this will be just another walk in the park. She buys up businesses all the time. Once Freya sees the campground and how run down it is; she knows she has this deal in the bag.

Nate made a promise to his father before he died that he would run the campground. All Nate needs in his life right now is some meddling daddy’s girl. If Freya never saw Nate again it would be too soon. One person though that has warmed her way into Freya’s heart is Nate’s, Piper. Will this princess run back home or will Freya become camp counselor?

I loved Freya. She was so kooky and fun. Plus who knew there was an eye condition that could make someone cry unexpectedly. Nate is so patient, kind, and has a heart of gold. Piper was one of my favorite characters. Wish You Were Here is a fun, up-beat romance story. This was a quick read. Lani Diane Rich is a new author for me. She was such a dream to read. I enjoyed every minute of this story. Readers better watch out as Lani Diane Rich is a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary romance world.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sexy Man for Sale

Ellie Stuart lives a crazy, hectic life. It’s not easy being a single mom raising three kids. You know how people are always warning you to avoid driving the back, county roads; well Ellie should have taken that advice. While she was driving one night along a back road, Ellie ends up being ambushed by a couple of men. The men pull Ellie from her car and take off with her three kids in the back sit.

Now Ellie needs her landlord’s help. Navy Seal Sean Harlan would like to start something with Ellie but there’s just one problem, he doesn’t like commitment and women with children involved in the equation are not his thing. When it comes to Ellie, Sean may have to make an exception. The more time Sean and Ellie spend with each other the stronger the attraction gets between them. As Ellie and Sean get nearer to the truth, the more sinister the plot becomes.

Marliss Melton really loves her men and I understand why; who wouldn’t want a big, buff, tall man around all the time. May I present Sean who is sexy with a capital “S”. You know what they say about Navy Seals… they move in and get the job done and this also applies in the bedroom! I thought Ellie was very likable as well as perfect fit for Sean. Too Far Gone is book six in Marliss Melton’s Navy Seals series. This is one sizzling book. From page one this story runs on full octane and never lets up till the very end. The next time you are looking for a great romance thriller then look no farther then Too Far Gone. Marliss Melton brings the heat as well as the passion.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are you Burn Out?

I want to thank Renee with Hachette for sending me this book to review.

Private Investigator, Sharon McCone last case has left her exhausted. She needs some rest, so she heads to her ranch in Yosemite. Sharon and her husband, Hy Ripinsky welcomes the quietness. Unfortunately Sharon will have to wait to see the sunset. Her ranch manager, Ramon Perez needs her assistance. Trouble has set upon his sister, Miri and her two daughters Haley and Amy. Haley was murdered and Amy and Miri have disappeared. Sharon’s investigation will lead her to the Nevada desert. This case will have Sharon digging deeper to learn about her Shoshone heritage.

Burn Out is the sequel to the Ever Running Man. I felt disconnected some what from the characters in this book. This could partially be from having not read the Ever Running Man. Even though I don’t feel like you need to read the first book in order to read Burn Out. The book started out good but after that the story did nothing for me. I lost interest in the plot and found myself reading just to finish the book. I do have to say that I did find some strong points in Burn Out. Enough to make me want give Marcia Muller another try.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Watch out for the guns Ablazing.

I am so excited to have Mr. Rye James as a guest on my blog. Mr. James contacted me and after reading the summries for his books and the wonderful things her does with a portion of his sales I just knew I wanted him on my blog.

Below are the details about his two books in addition to an upcoming book.

My first book was The Assassin, which is a Western. It's basically a mystery western about a hired gunfighter who comes into a town and the whole town wonders who he's there for and nobody knows who hired him either. They don't know that he's also hiding a secret of his own. It was considered by a few of the major publishing houses but they ultimately decided that it wouldn't sell. They weren't interested in a new author in a genre that doesn't get a whole lot of shelf space these days. So I decided to publish it on my own. One of the things I decided to do with each book whether it's published on my own or through a publisher is that a portion of each book's proceeds will go to a worth charity. For The Assassin I chose St. Jude Childrens Hospital. At St. Jude, all patients are admitted for treatment without regard for the family's ability to pay. I've been involved with St. Jude for a while, and it really gets to you sometimes seeing a kid fighting for his life battling cancer or some other type of disease. I think it hits home even more for me now that I have a 3 year old daughter, and my wife and I are expecting a baby boy within the next couple weeks. So anything that I can do to help or raise awareness, raise money, whatever it's not even a question of if I can just help however's the right thing to do. Anybody interested in St. Jude can check out their website at

My second book is Escape, which is a suspense/thriller. It's basically about an accountant who stumbles upon his company cooking the books, who find out about what he's doing, and hire a hitman to kill him. He's then framed for murder, on the run from a hitman, along with the FBI. It's published by Maverick Spur Publishing. Proceeds from this book benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I decided on this charity because most everyone has been affected in some way by cancer or breast cancer, whether it's a mother, sister, friend, wife...and my wife's mom had breast cancer, which she beat, so it's another charity where I just feel like you have to help in some way to try and beat this stuff.

I have another book coming out soon, another western, called Bounty Hunter. I haven't decided on a charity yet, there's so many good ones to choose from, but I do want to help animals also, kids, cancer, or if any of your readers have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Check out Mr. James website at

Mr. James was also nice enough to send me a couple sets of The Assassin and Escape to give away to my readers. They are also autographed.

This contest is open only to US. Sorry.

In order to gain an entry in this contest all you need to do is help Mr. James but suggesting a charity that he sould pick for his next book and why. Please remember to leave an email address so I can contact you if you are the winners.

This contest ends Oct 31st. I will choose the winners November 1st.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thread of Fear

I want to thank Laura Griffin for sending me a copy of this book for review.

Fiona Glass is a forensic artist and one of the best in the business. She has seen and experienced a lot in her career. Fiona is ready to retire. Police Chief Jack Bowman of the Graingerville Police Department needs Fiona’s help tracking down a psychopath who is kidnapping young teenage girls. Fiona can’t resist Jack’s plea, whether it be from his persistence or his irresistible charm; all Fiona knows is that she will do everything in her power to stop a serial killer.

Fiona may work in a guy dominated career but that doesn’t mean she isn’t deserving of her dues. She has helped the police in numerous cases to help bring down the bad guys. This is what I liked the most about Fiona; she can stick it out with the best of them; in addition to being very career driven. So when I think of men in uniform being sexy, police are the farthest from my mind. After having just said this, Jack Bowman has made me rethink where policemen fall on my list of men in uniform as he is one sexy man.

I have Laura Griffin to thank for this, because if she hadn’t written the male lead Jack Bowman so H-O-T then policemen would still be closer to the bottom of my list. Plus the attraction Fiona and Jack had between them was really steamy. What I liked so much about Thread of Fear was that it was different from your usual thrillers that I read; it’s not just the cops against the killer and the forensic artist has a small part in the storyline. No with this book, Fiona played a big part as the female lead. Laura Griffin made sure that the readers got to follow along every step of the way; from interviewing the victim to producing a stretch of the killer. I look forward to Laura Griffin’s next release.

Check out all of this author's books at

This Cat will Bite.

You have got to check out this series. If you love Paranormal books then you need to read these.

Fathe Sanders is definitely not your typical college student. She is a werecat. Fathe has resisted joining her father, Greg’s pride in exchange for her independence. But not to worry as Fathe’s father would not leave his precious daughter unattended. One night Fathe gets attacked by a Stray. Strays are rogue werecats that do not belong to any pride. After that its game on as Fathe is ready to fight and the claws are coming out. Greg wants Fathe to come home where he can protect her. Now Fathe is heading home in addition to saying goodbye to her boyfriend Andrew and college life.

Female tabbies have gone missing. A group of strays are taking the tabbies but for what purpose. It’s up to Fathe and the pride to locate the tabbies before something horrible happens to them. Now all Fathe needs to do is keep her head in the game but that will be hard when she has sexy, buff, enforcer Marc keeping her company.

If you think Fathe’s human side is bad, then you don’t even want to see her werecat side. It’s a killer. I really enjoyed Fathe’s kick-ass, take no prisoners attitude as well as her witty comments. You never knew what Fathe was going to do next. Which keep me on my toes. Stray is how all books should be like…pleasurable to read. Rachel Vincent is a new author to me but so glad I discovered her. After reading Stray I have already fallen in love with Ms. Vincent and her werecat series. I can’t get enough.

Faythe, Marc and the whole rest of the pride are back in Rogue. This time the stakes are even higher. Faythe has become the first female enforcer in addition to running her own team. Recently there has been a wake of dead tom bodies showing all over the place. As if tracking down a killer didn’t keep Faythe busy enough. A blast from Faythe’s past has reappeared in her life and it isn’t no happy reunion. What happens next will leave you in shock.

Rogue is the second book in Rachel Vincent’s werecat series. Just like the first book, Rogue has all the same great things you loved about Stray except for twice as good. Faythe is my favorite werecat. We were first introduced to Faythe and her tough as nails attitude in Stray. Now in Rogue, Faythe is back and better then ever. This series just keeps getting better and better as it goes. The twist that Ms. Vincent threw in this book was fantastic. I did not expect this curve-ball. Rachel Vincent is a refreshing new voice in the paranormal genre. I anxiously await Pride the next book in this series.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Interview with Shobhan Bantwal

I am happy to present my interview with Shobhan Bantwal. I read The Forbidden Daughter and loved it.

Here is a summary on The Forbidden Daughter

When a young widow refuses to comply with her in-laws' dictate to abort her unborn child, will her rebellion turn out to be the greatest mistake of her life, or a blessing in disguise? This is the story of one mother’s valiant fight to protect her daughters in a society that often frowns on female children, and the only man who will help her in her battle when the stakes become impossibly high.

THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER is woven around the hot-button social issue of vanishing girl children in contemporary India, where gender-based abortions and female infanticide continue to be practiced in some areas despite laws to ban the practices.

Also some information about Mrs. Bantwal

Shobhan Bantwal is the author of THE DOWRY BRIDE and THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER. Both novels are set in India and released by Kensington Publishing Corp. Shobhan’s short story titled WHERE THE LOTUS GROWS is scheduled for publication in an anthology in spring 2009 and the proceeds will be donated by the publisher, Freya’s Bower, to a battered women’s shelter.

As a freelance writer, Shobhan frequently writes columns for India Abroad. Since 2002, Shobhan’s articles and short stories have also appeared in a variety of other publications including The Writer magazine, Little India, U.S. 1, Desi Journal, India Currents, Overseas Indian, New Woman India, Kanara Saraswat and Sulekha. Her short stories have won honors and awards in fiction contests sponsored by Writer’s Digest, New York Stories and New Woman magazines.

What is your typical day like when you’re writing?

Since I have a fairly demanding full-time career, I don’t have a typical writing day. I try to squeeze in an hour or two of writing most evenings and a little bit more on weekends. After dinner, I settle in front of my computer and wait for my muses to whisper in my ears. Some days, there is no creative spark at all, and on others I could write several pages.

What do you like to do for fun?

Reading is my most relaxing and fun activity. For me, there is nothing more fun than curling up with a good book and a piping hot cup of spiced Indian tea. I read mostly romantic mysteries, pure romances, and thrillers.

You are happily married with a daughter. That is great. My question is “Was it scary when you first met your husband, seeing as it was an arranged marriage?”

It was somewhat scary when I was introduced to my future husband, a complete stranger. But since arranged marriage is the norm in the culture I was raised in, I was programmed to think of it as the most natural thing in a young woman’s life, a rite of passage. Therefore I was prepared for the event. I’m lucky that he turned out to be a nice and caring man. We have been happily married for nearly 35 years.

Have you been back to your home town after your marriage? Have things changed there?

I have been back to my hometown a few times. My most recent visit was in 2004. The little rural town I grew up in has now turned into a city of huge proportions. The population is in the millions and the place is exploding with new housing, movie theaters, shops, restaurants, and institutions of higher learning. Things have certainly changed, but not necessarily for the better.

I read that you love to cook spicy foods and you share some recipes on your website... have you ever thought about putting a cookbook together?

I had thought about writing a cookbook a number of times, but I eventually lost interest because it comes under non-fiction, and fiction is my passion. I would be rather bored trying to put together a non-fiction book, especially when there are so many outstanding cookbooks out there on Indian cooking. My little book would get lost in the shuffle.

How long did it take you to write both The Dowry Bride and The Forbidden Daughter?

The Dowry Bride
took quite some time to finish, well over a year, since it was my first book and I had no clue about writing a full-length novel with all its subtle nuances and multiple revisions and edits. But The Forbidden Daughter took only a few months because by then I had developed a feel for what works and what does not in a manuscript.

If your books were to be made into movies who would you choose to play the part of the heroines?

Since my books are set in India, and I am more or less out of the loop with the Bollywood (Bombay Hollywood) industry, I really don’t know who the new young movie stars are. I believe there are quite a few emerging stars on the Bollywood screens in India who are very beautiful/handsome and talented. Of course, a movie deal exists only in my dreams.

What has been the best experience that has happened to you since the release of your books?

The best experience is the fan-mail. It is absolutely wonderful to hear from readers who enjoy my books and send me positive comments and sometimes even suggestions on what could have made my stories even better and stronger. My readers/fans are a very enthusiastic and passionate bunch. I love them all.

What is the one piece of advice you would give your readers?

I would advice my readers to go out and read lots of books on other cultures. There is so much to learn about other parts of the world and other peoples that is both fascinating and educational. Lots of my readers tell me how much they have learned about India after reading my books. They tell me they want to see other books from me in the future. More information is available on my website:

Thank you again for answering my questions. I loved The Forbidden Daughter and look forward to your next book.

Thank you, Cheryl, for interviewing me and for reviewing The Forbidden Daughter. Furthermore I appreciate your hosting me on your site during my Virtual Tour with Nikki Leigh. You have been an enthusiastic supporter.

For more information about Shobhan Bantwal’s virtual tour, visit –

The Forbidden Daughter can be ordered at:

You can visit Shobhan Bantwal at her website –

It's Sam to the rescue again

Buzz requires Sam’s assistance again. Sam travels to the World of Bergeron. Once there, Sam runs into a whole new batch of dangerous creatures that consist of a large bird like creature as well as a riddle loving dragon. When Sam finally makes her way to Buzz, she discovers that he is wounded. Luckily for Sam she won’t be alone on her journey. She will be accompanied by Buzz’s uncle, King Kaylan. Join Sam, Buzz and King Kaylan on this new wild adventure in Sam’s Quest: The Royal Trident.

It was nice to visit with Buzz and Sam again as well as be introduced to some new characters. After reading the first book, I was ready to see what new adventure Sam and Buzz would get into. Telegu, the dragon was my favorite in this book. He acted all tough like a dragon should but once you got to know him better he was actually a softie but don’t tell him that. I wish Mr. Furman the best of luck with this series as I am sure it will be a great success.

To read an excerpt and even listen to an audio of the song Telegan sang about Sam go here

Thank you Cheryl for letting me host Mr. Furman

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sunday Salon

I met Adam on Good Reads. When I was thinking up some gory, scary, suspenseful treats for the month of October I just knew Adam would be perfect as a guest on my blog. I asked him and he said yes.

I asked Adam to share information about the publishing company he and his friend, Eric started. Read what Adam had to say about Snuff Books.

Hey Cheryl,

Snuff Books was launched in July 2008 by myself and "Snuff" co-author Eric Enck. We're starting from scratch and taking things slowly, with only a few projects slated in the coming months.

Our first release - Joseph McGee's "The Reaper" - hit shelves (and online outlets) in late August, and features the first novelettes in The Reaper series as well as several short stories. Joe is an active member of the Horror Writer's Association (HWA) and up and coming horror master based out of Worcester, Ma.

Up next will be "Raw: Brutality as Art," a horror/bizarro anthology with a theme of violence in the arts. From cannibalistic chefs to surrealist human marionettes to brutal symphonies, "Raw" is a no-holds-barred, avant garde collection featuring stories from some of the best small-market authors and newcomers to the horror and bizarro genres. A full table of contents will be released early next month (October) and a November release is planned.

From there, we've got several other projects in the works and will be opening for full-length submissions in October.

The focus of the company is bringing to print the best brutal and bizarre literature around and eventually growing into a genre staple.

Keep it brutal, Adam Huber, Owner Snuff Books

P.S. Some websites: ("The Reaper" is also available on Amazon and B&

Launch Schedule

Joseph McGee's "The Reaper" - August 2008

"Raw: Brutality as Art" an anthology - Fall 2008

Eric Enck's "Blood, Blondes and Brunettes" - Winter 2009

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Book Giveaway

I am once again hosting another book giveaway courtesy of Hachette Book Group. Thank you

This time I am giving away 5 copies of Hollywood Crows By Joseph Wambaugh

Seduction, black-market booze, burglary, and murder-not your ordinary fare for a division of peacekeeping officers, but Hollywood isn't your ordinary town. When a couple of LAPD cops find themselves caught up with a certain femme fatale, they're in for trouble. Meet Margot Aziz, the beautiful, soon-to-be-ex wife of Ali Aziz, proprietor of a Sunset Boulevard strip club. Ali has his diamond-studded fingers in multiple shady business deals-and he wants his lovely wife dead. Enter Hollywood Nate Weiss, a cop hungry for stardom and looking for love. Nate works alongside a squad of L.A.'s finest, including a duo of suntanned surfer cops, two tenacious women officers, and a wily veteran. As they all discover, Hollywood always deceives you, and love always comes packing heat.

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment with your email address and what your favorite Halloween candy is. I will pick the winners Halloween Day.

Open only to US and Canada and No PO Boxes. Thanks

When Will There Be Good News?

I want to thank Carolyn O'Keefe with Hachette for sending me a copy of this book for review.

When Joanna Mason was six years old she witnesses an act so horrendous that no little girl should ever have to see. Joanna was the sole survivor of her family. Her mother, sister and brother were all murdered. Now thirty years later, the man who took Joanna’s family from her has been released from prison.

Reggie is the nanny for Dr. Hunter. Reggie and Dr. Hunter have a really good relationship, so when one day Dr. Hunter disappears, Reggie worries but it seems that Reggie is the only one that is concerned about Dr. Hunter.

Then there is Detective Chief Inspector Louise Monroe, she is on a mission to locate a missing person. Louise Monroe did not expect to see Jackson Brodie, a longtime friend. It seems Jackson Brodie has a mission of his own to accomplish. Before he can complete it, Brodie has a fatal accident.

There was a good connection with the characters, which helped me to stay interested in this book till the end. When Will There Be Good News? is the third book in this series to feature Jackson Brodie. I have to admit that When Will There Be Good News? is the first book Jackson Brodie book I have read. I thought it was a well-written novel. This story can also be read as a stand alone book. Kate Atkinson added some nice twists in the story line at just the right times. This story had a lot of depth in it. The lesson learned was that you may have made many mistakes in your life but when you are handed a second chance in live it is about how you make the most of it that really counts. For anyone who is looking for a change of pace in their everyday typical reading should give Kate Atkinson a try.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fatal Encryption

Here is another author I met on GoodReads. I have discovered so many new authors on GoodReads.

All Halloween’s night is a time when ghouls, goblins and mayhem ensues for one evening. No one knows how true that is other than Zachary Ternoway. Zach is stabbed to death in his home.

Alex Bellamy keeps wondering at what point things got so bad in his life that he is at a Halloween party dressed up as Kermit the Frog. Alex ends up taking a computer analyst job at McKinley’s Department Store. Someone has hacked into the store’s computer system and encrypted files. Alex investigates what someone was looking for and why all the secrecy. All of Alex’s digging around has ruffled some feathers. If Alex doesn’t watch his step he could end up like Zach.

Alex Bellamy is a good character to have in a mystery book. He is just a normal guy that I think readers can relate to and will cheer for to always come out on top. Fatal Encryption is the second Alex Bellamy mystery book. Fatal Encryption can definitely be read as a stand alone book. The only thing that Taxed to Death, the first book and Fatal Encryption have in common is that they both feature Alex Bellamy. I recently stumbled upon Debra Purdy Kong and so glad I did. She is a breath of fresh air. Fatal Encryption made me remember why mystery novels will always hold a dear place in my heart. This book had all the makings of the classic puzzle solving story but for the twenty-first century.

Check out Debra Purdy Kong's website at

In Too Deep

Gwendolyne Price is a librarian. They most action she has gotten in a long time has been from reading books. Recently Gwen has started receiving explicit, naughty notes and the only clue Gwen has is that they are signed by someone named Nemesis. The information in these notes are so raunchy that they make Gwen blush, it’s as if Nemesis knows all of Gwen’s desires. Will this game of cat and mouse get to be too much for Gwen or can she work up the nerves to meet Nemesis face to face?

Nemesis knows how to make even the quietest of women become a bad girl like Gwen. Gwen was one lucky lady to receive sex notes from Nemesis. Any guy who can make a woman blush from reading a note has got to be good looking and talented. Every time I start a Portia Da Costa book I finish it in a matter of hours. The stories are that good. As usual In Too Deep oozes so much sex appeal that it will have you yearning for more. I never have to look any farther then a Portia Da Costa book to get me in the mood. Portia Da Costa in my opinion is the queen of erotica. This is one author you will find yourself coming back to her books over and over again for a very long time.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Titanics Last Secrets

If you thought you knew everything there was about the Titanic then think again. Titanic’s Last Secrets gives readers a new; clean prospective on a famous tragedy that has captivated us all.

The dynamic team of Brad Matsen and deep sea divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler have teamed up to share their wealth of knowledge as well as in depth research on this well-known ship and in doing so they produced a wonderful book. John Chatterton and Richie Kohler travel to the wreckage of the Titanic to disprove a myth about what really happened that day.

Titanic’s Last Secrets is like a history lesson is supposed to be like… fun and exciting. From the first page, I got caught up in the anticipation as well as excitement to when Chatterton and Kohler first discovered something new about the Titanic that no one else had ever laid eyes on before. With Brad Matsen’s writing style, he made it so real that it was like I was there every step of the way. I appreciate the risks Chatterton and Kohler went though by risking their lives to bring truth and justice for all those innocent souls that perished for greed. For anyone that is fascinated with the history of the Titanic then this is the book for you, so pick up a copy of Titanic’s Last Secrets today. This is one book that will have people talking.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Award I Received.

Ruth over at Books Books and More Books has awarded me this fun award. Thanks

Check out her blog as it is a really nice one.

Here are the rules -

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog

2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

So here are the blogs that I choose!

What do you think of sequels?

Tell me who you consider to be the master of suspense when it comes to producing these types of movies.

So I want to know what do you think of sequels? Do you love them, hate them, or should they ever be made and what about remakes of movies? What is your favorite horror/slasher movie or sequel? What about author.

My favorite author is Vincent Price. I remember years ago staying up late and watching a marathon of movies, starring Vincent Price.

There are so many scary movies to choice from now. Which one do you like the best? What about the gore factor.... do you have a weak stomach or don't faze you.