Thread of Fear

I want to thank Laura Griffin for sending me a copy of this book for review.

Fiona Glass is a forensic artist and one of the best in the business. She has seen and experienced a lot in her career. Fiona is ready to retire. Police Chief Jack Bowman of the Graingerville Police Department needs Fiona’s help tracking down a psychopath who is kidnapping young teenage girls. Fiona can’t resist Jack’s plea, whether it be from his persistence or his irresistible charm; all Fiona knows is that she will do everything in her power to stop a serial killer.

Fiona may work in a guy dominated career but that doesn’t mean she isn’t deserving of her dues. She has helped the police in numerous cases to help bring down the bad guys. This is what I liked the most about Fiona; she can stick it out with the best of them; in addition to being very career driven. So when I think of men in uniform being sexy, police are the farthest from my mind. After having just said this, Jack Bowman has made me rethink where policemen fall on my list of men in uniform as he is one sexy man.

I have Laura Griffin to thank for this, because if she hadn’t written the male lead Jack Bowman so H-O-T then policemen would still be closer to the bottom of my list. Plus the attraction Fiona and Jack had between them was really steamy. What I liked so much about Thread of Fear was that it was different from your usual thrillers that I read; it’s not just the cops against the killer and the forensic artist has a small part in the storyline. No with this book, Fiona played a big part as the female lead. Laura Griffin made sure that the readers got to follow along every step of the way; from interviewing the victim to producing a stretch of the killer. I look forward to Laura Griffin’s next release.

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J. Kaye Oldner said…
WOW! Sounds like great read. I get so many great book ideas from you!
naida said…
this does sound like another great one.
Anonymous said…
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