This Cat will Bite.

You have got to check out this series. If you love Paranormal books then you need to read these.

Fathe Sanders is definitely not your typical college student. She is a werecat. Fathe has resisted joining her father, Greg’s pride in exchange for her independence. But not to worry as Fathe’s father would not leave his precious daughter unattended. One night Fathe gets attacked by a Stray. Strays are rogue werecats that do not belong to any pride. After that its game on as Fathe is ready to fight and the claws are coming out. Greg wants Fathe to come home where he can protect her. Now Fathe is heading home in addition to saying goodbye to her boyfriend Andrew and college life.

Female tabbies have gone missing. A group of strays are taking the tabbies but for what purpose. It’s up to Fathe and the pride to locate the tabbies before something horrible happens to them. Now all Fathe needs to do is keep her head in the game but that will be hard when she has sexy, buff, enforcer Marc keeping her company.

If you think Fathe’s human side is bad, then you don’t even want to see her werecat side. It’s a killer. I really enjoyed Fathe’s kick-ass, take no prisoners attitude as well as her witty comments. You never knew what Fathe was going to do next. Which keep me on my toes. Stray is how all books should be like…pleasurable to read. Rachel Vincent is a new author to me but so glad I discovered her. After reading Stray I have already fallen in love with Ms. Vincent and her werecat series. I can’t get enough.

Faythe, Marc and the whole rest of the pride are back in Rogue. This time the stakes are even higher. Faythe has become the first female enforcer in addition to running her own team. Recently there has been a wake of dead tom bodies showing all over the place. As if tracking down a killer didn’t keep Faythe busy enough. A blast from Faythe’s past has reappeared in her life and it isn’t no happy reunion. What happens next will leave you in shock.

Rogue is the second book in Rachel Vincent’s werecat series. Just like the first book, Rogue has all the same great things you loved about Stray except for twice as good. Faythe is my favorite werecat. We were first introduced to Faythe and her tough as nails attitude in Stray. Now in Rogue, Faythe is back and better then ever. This series just keeps getting better and better as it goes. The twist that Ms. Vincent threw in this book was fantastic. I did not expect this curve-ball. Rachel Vincent is a refreshing new voice in the paranormal genre. I anxiously await Pride the next book in this series.


Becky LeJeune said…
I absolutely love this series! I can't get enough of it. My sisters love it, too.
naida said…
I may have to look for these, I like paranormals.
great review.

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