Queen of Blood

Two years ago something so horrible happened that it will give you nightmares forever. A group of friends entered the House of Blood. It all was said and done only two people survived. Dream Weaver and Chad Robbins may be the lucky ones to have survived the House of Blood but they have never been the same since. Dream and Chad thought they were done with the master but they were wrong. A new evil has arisen and it’s out for revenge. Ms. Wickman despises the weak but oh how she loves to hear them scream and beg for mercy. Nothing’s worse than a woman’s scorn.

I never read House of Blood so I can’t compare the master to Ms. Wickman but from what I read of Ms. Wickman, I definitely thought she was one mean woman if you can call her that. She will bring you down as well as help you up just so she can torture you all over again. Queen of Blood has all the makings of a good horror book. It has the scary factor, creepiness, gore and it will give you nightmares. So if you want to be scared out of your wits than you need to read Queen of Blood.


Becky LeJeune said…
Yay for great horror! I'll have to add them both, House and Queen, to my list!
Anonymous said…
What a perfect book for the month of October!

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