Watch out for the guns Ablazing.

I am so excited to have Mr. Rye James as a guest on my blog. Mr. James contacted me and after reading the summries for his books and the wonderful things her does with a portion of his sales I just knew I wanted him on my blog.

Below are the details about his two books in addition to an upcoming book.

My first book was The Assassin, which is a Western. It's basically a mystery western about a hired gunfighter who comes into a town and the whole town wonders who he's there for and nobody knows who hired him either. They don't know that he's also hiding a secret of his own. It was considered by a few of the major publishing houses but they ultimately decided that it wouldn't sell. They weren't interested in a new author in a genre that doesn't get a whole lot of shelf space these days. So I decided to publish it on my own. One of the things I decided to do with each book whether it's published on my own or through a publisher is that a portion of each book's proceeds will go to a worth charity. For The Assassin I chose St. Jude Childrens Hospital. At St. Jude, all patients are admitted for treatment without regard for the family's ability to pay. I've been involved with St. Jude for a while, and it really gets to you sometimes seeing a kid fighting for his life battling cancer or some other type of disease. I think it hits home even more for me now that I have a 3 year old daughter, and my wife and I are expecting a baby boy within the next couple weeks. So anything that I can do to help or raise awareness, raise money, whatever it's not even a question of if I can just help however's the right thing to do. Anybody interested in St. Jude can check out their website at

My second book is Escape, which is a suspense/thriller. It's basically about an accountant who stumbles upon his company cooking the books, who find out about what he's doing, and hire a hitman to kill him. He's then framed for murder, on the run from a hitman, along with the FBI. It's published by Maverick Spur Publishing. Proceeds from this book benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I decided on this charity because most everyone has been affected in some way by cancer or breast cancer, whether it's a mother, sister, friend, wife...and my wife's mom had breast cancer, which she beat, so it's another charity where I just feel like you have to help in some way to try and beat this stuff.

I have another book coming out soon, another western, called Bounty Hunter. I haven't decided on a charity yet, there's so many good ones to choose from, but I do want to help animals also, kids, cancer, or if any of your readers have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Check out Mr. James website at

Mr. James was also nice enough to send me a couple sets of The Assassin and Escape to give away to my readers. They are also autographed.

This contest is open only to US. Sorry.

In order to gain an entry in this contest all you need to do is help Mr. James but suggesting a charity that he sould pick for his next book and why. Please remember to leave an email address so I can contact you if you are the winners.

This contest ends Oct 31st. I will choose the winners November 1st.


ChristyJan said…
I would LOVE to win copies of The Assassin and Escape!

My favorite charity is Primary Children's Medical Center in Utah (I was a patient there many years ago)

hawkes (at)
Anonymous said…
I would thoroughly enjoy reading your two books! As for my charity of choice, Post Polio Health International, in memory of my father who just died three months ago. He was struck with polio as a freshman in highschool, paralyzed, put into an iron lung and then regained most of his muscle usage but all of his arm muscles were paralyzed except for the lower portion of his left arm. Everything in life was a physical challenge for him but he always seemed to find a way to do things, albeit differently. However, as he aged, post-polio syndrome reared its ugly head and his remaining muscles simply began to wear out. His body began to shut down to the point where he was on oxygen and no longer had enough muscle strength to hold his head up. He could only look downward at the floor. He was so very, very sad at the end of his life. It breaks my heart to see that the disease that he fought so valiantly to overcome his entire life ended up catching up with him anyhow. I desperately want them to find a way to combat this horrible aftermath of polio as I can't bear to think of anyone else going through that.

Sorry I wrote such a book about it but it's meaningful to me. :)

Becca said…
Both books sound great. I would love a chance to win. Maybe my love of reading has colored my views but I think books and reading are very important in a child’s life and I’m happy to see places like First Book ( making sure every child has the opportunity to have access to books even when their families might not be able to afford them otherwise.
Carol said…
Both of these books sound good! I would love to win them! My favorite charity is the World Wildlife Foundation.
Carol M
mittens0831 AT
Anonymous said…
Great books! I'd love to enter.

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