Celtic Sacrifice

Here is another author I met on GoodReads. Celtic Sacrifice will be released November 2008.

The year is September 15, 1581. The place is Leitrim, Ireland.

It was foretold many years ago that Una, the high priestess would be reborn again. Una died giving birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Ceana and Cailean O’Hagan could not be anymore opposite of each other then if they had been born just brother and sister and not twins. Now at eighteen years old, Ceana sets out for Sacred Grove of Brigid to begin her training, so that she can prepare for the Samhain ritual and fulfill her duties as druid priestess. Along the way she runs into Cian. It is foretold in the prophecies that Ceana would marry Cian of the clan O’Connor. Cian and Ceana do feel a slight attraction to each other. Cian goes away for a spell and while he is gone a new guy comes into the picture. His name is Patrick and he is a soldier, who has taken a liking to Ceana. Ceana has a choice to make. Does she either go with Cian, who is destined to be her husband or will Ceana give her heart to Patrick?

It really seemed like Sheryl Brennan did her research when it came to Celtic and druids. Everything about the book from the story, the characters, and even how they spoke was authentic to me. There was one or two times were I started to get confused on what was going on but as I read on, it made sense to me on why the characters were doing the things they did. I have read a few books now that focus around druids and have enjoyed every single one of them and Celtic Sacrifice is no exception. Celtic Sacrifice is the first book and already Sheryl Brennan is working on the sequel, Celtic Hope. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next in Celtic Hope.

Check out Sheryl's website at http://www.sherylbrennan.com/ . She currently has a couple of contests going on.

Purchase the book here http://www.underdogpress.com/


naida said…
this sounds like a good one.
i'll have to check out those links.

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