Lover's Bite

The gang is back... Reaper, Topaz, Jack, Roxy, Seth, Vixen and IIyana. They are still on the hunt for Gregor and his crew of vampires. Mean while there is also tension on the home front between Topaz and Jack. Before Jack joined up with Reaper, he was part of Gregor’s gang. He didn’t care about anyone or anything. When Topaz first met Jack she fell hard for him, which is just how Jack liked it. He had Topaz just where he wanted her eating out of the palm of his hand and than he took off with her heart and her money. Topaz has learned her lesson and won’t make that mistake again or will she? Also it seems that is a traitor amongst the group and ready to draw first blood.

I have fallen in love with everyone in this series. The whole gang had a good sense of humor and it showed in some of the wise-crack comments they made and even the sarcastic ones as well. I can assure you that once you start reading this book that you won’t be bored. Lover’s Bite is the second book in this trilogy that consists of Demon’s Kiss, Lover’s Bite and Angel’s Pain in the Wings in the Night series. I have read books all of the books in this series and enjoyed them all. I believe you can read any of the books in this series as stand alone books. Maggie Shayne takes a bite out of paranormal and does it well.


Becky LeJeune said…
Good to know that they can be read as stand-alones. I think I have Angel's Pain here and have never read Shayne before. Might be a good time to start, right?
Anonymous said…
Great review! Maggie Shayne is an awesome writer!
Cheryl said…
Becky- Yes I think you will like this trilogy or if you decide to read Angel's Pain you will enjoy it.

I have read a few others by Maggie but I really like these books

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