The Book of Nonsense

For anyone who has teen readers who like fantasy then they might like to try reading this book.

Daphna loves going to bookstores and everything about them from choosing a book to trading books. You can imagine Daphna’s excitement when a new bookstore opens called The Antiquarian Book Center. Daphna calls the bookstore ABC. This bookstore is not like anything Daphna has ever experienced. ABC only specializes in books about magic. Also what is up with the owner, Mr. Rash? He is one odd bird. After only spending a short time with Mr. Rash, Daphna’s father comes home acting really weird. Come join the adventure with Daphna.

For only being thirteen, I thought Daphna was very smart both book and street. She is a very cute and sweet girl. I was surprised at how quickly this book read. Who knew that going to a bookstore could be so dangerous. I started it in the morning and by the afternoon I had finished reading it. The Book of Nonsense is a fun, quick young adult read that teens will enjoy. The Book of Nonsense is book one. Seeing as to how book one was good I am sure the next book will be just as good.


Dar said…
This sounds good. I saw another review of it earlier. Do you think it can become good in the lines of Harry Potter good. I've been looking for something to fill the gap left by HP and this does sound good.
Sal said…
Definitely! Though I'd say it's more along the lines of the Golden Compass series, at least from the talk about the "Da Vinci Code" territory it supposedly goes into. I loved the book and think it will be huge. Check out the reviews pouring into Amazon.
Dawn said…
My older kids will love this book; I'll add it to their "wish list" for the upcoming holiday season :)

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