Sexy Man for Sale

Ellie Stuart lives a crazy, hectic life. It’s not easy being a single mom raising three kids. You know how people are always warning you to avoid driving the back, county roads; well Ellie should have taken that advice. While she was driving one night along a back road, Ellie ends up being ambushed by a couple of men. The men pull Ellie from her car and take off with her three kids in the back sit.

Now Ellie needs her landlord’s help. Navy Seal Sean Harlan would like to start something with Ellie but there’s just one problem, he doesn’t like commitment and women with children involved in the equation are not his thing. When it comes to Ellie, Sean may have to make an exception. The more time Sean and Ellie spend with each other the stronger the attraction gets between them. As Ellie and Sean get nearer to the truth, the more sinister the plot becomes.

Marliss Melton really loves her men and I understand why; who wouldn’t want a big, buff, tall man around all the time. May I present Sean who is sexy with a capital “S”. You know what they say about Navy Seals… they move in and get the job done and this also applies in the bedroom! I thought Ellie was very likable as well as perfect fit for Sean. Too Far Gone is book six in Marliss Melton’s Navy Seals series. This is one sizzling book. From page one this story runs on full octane and never lets up till the very end. The next time you are looking for a great romance thriller then look no farther then Too Far Gone. Marliss Melton brings the heat as well as the passion.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great series...I'll look to see if I can find her first book.

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