What makes a Rumor?

What makes a rumor?

That is the question.

We all know what a rumor is. It can be described as "an unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern". In The Watercooler Effect, Nicholas DiFonzo explores as well as explains why we as a society latch onto rumors in addition to how they get started. DiFonzo provides the reader examples of some very popular rumors and myths.

He explains that some times a rumor can get started just by someone providing minimum information or the listener mixing up some information. Think of it like the game “telephone”. The more people who pass on the information, the less the end result turns out to be from the beginning. So why do we spread rumors or even claim a hint of legitimacy to these facts if all rumors are just that…..rumors. It’s because it’s one way we communicate. One of the biggest reasons we pay any attention to hearsay is fear. You say well that is stupid. There is no truth to rumors, so why would I fear them. It’s for the simple fact that when we hear something that could jeopardize our jobs or maybe it’s because we are just trying to make sense of all the situations happening around the world; whatever the case may be, we are wanting to reveal the certainty that circumstances surrounding us are going to be ok.

I didn’t know quite what to expect when I started reading The Watercooler Effect. I knew though that the subject that was going to be discussed within this book was going to be interesting. Well it definitely was. Nicholas DiFonzo explanations were enlightening even though I wish there had been more examples I was still pleased with this novel. It made me think more about what’s in a rumor as well as trying not to help spread the rumor mill right away. The Watercooler Effect is one of those novels everyone should read at least one.

This book will be released September 11, 2008. You can then purchase it here. http://us.penguingroup.com/nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,9781583333259,00.html?breadcrumbList=%7Bthe+watercooler+effect%7D&bcPath=c590611%2D00000000%23%23%2D1%23%23%2D1%7E%7Eq746865207761746572636f6f6c657220656666656374&searchProfile=US-590611-global&strSrchSql=the%20watercooler%20effect


Anonymous said…
Hmmm...this is interesting!
naida said…
Very interesting topic! I've never thought about it this way before.

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