Come take a ride on the Carousel

Jaci Eastman is on assignment to take pictures of the recently restored Dentzel carousel. After she develops the film she sees a blur in the background, it looks like a man. She figures it must be her camera as there was no one around when she took the pictures. Jaci decides to try again. As she is taking pictures, Mackey, the operator, clutches his chest and falls over. Jaci races up to the moving carousel to help. Nicholas Westbrooke is both a gentleman and horse breeder. When he hears a commotion with his horses in the exercise ring, he goes to investigate and finds Jaci unconscious. Jaci wakes up to find herself at Wildwood Manor. The year is 1874 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jaci realizes that the carousel has somehow transported her to Wildwood Manor. Seeing as Jaci has no way of getting back home right away, she ends up becoming governess to Amanda, Nicholas’s niece.

Lycinda Edwardson and Nicholas have an arranged marriage but there is no set date on when they are to be husband and wife. The longer Jaci stays the more Nicholas falls in love with her. Jaci finds out that there are other time travelers like her. She is told by a fellow traveler that sometimes you have to cross over to get to the one you belong with. When Nicholas is involved in an accident, will this be the end for Nicholas and Jaci forever or will Jaci decide that the 21st century is where she wants to be?

Wow. Double Wow! Carousel is an outstanding book. I am so glad I decided to take a chance on this novel. It has romance, second chances and even some comedy. I thought it was funny the way Jaci was so outspoken about saying things. She would just speak the truth whether the other wanted to hear it or not. When Jaci would try and explain technology to Nicholas, it was also pretty funny. Amanda was just the sweetest. I loved that when the passion got intense between the two, Nicholas never forgot his honor as a gentleman with Jaci. Again can I say how wonderful Carousel was and that is why it is a recommended read. I look forward to more novels by Barbara Baldwin.


Anonymous said…
What a neat cover, huh? This book sounds like a winner. Great review!
grannyof3 said…
Now that sounds like a good read! Wil put it on one of my lists. Good review.

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