The Crimson Fold

The Crimson Fold features two vampire stories from Teri Adkins and Susanne Saville.

Cravings by Teri Adkins.

Lucinda Campbell was bitten by Malcolm five years ago but she received a blood transfusion and so she is now half human/half vampire. Unfortunately Lindy was seeing Detective Joe Andrews at the time. Joe couldn’t handle Lindy’s new self and they broke up. Now Lindy requires Joe’s help. Someone or some ones are attacking both vampires and humans.

Former vampire master Surgis was kidnapped. He was found dusted by sunlight. Now Larry Brown a human was taken for his life but Malcolm Montay the new master believes that Larry is still alive. So Lindy comes up with an idea to have the humans and vampires join forces and protect each other so no more killings happen. Malcolm and Joe think it is a crazy idea but they do strike a deal to have the humans protect the vampires during the day and the vampires will protect the humans at night but only if Lindy is in charge of the operation. Joe doesn't like it but he agrees. Everything is going ok till Lindy is shot and she receives threatening messages written in blood. Now things have gotten personal. The war is on and someone better watch out.

The dynamics between Lindy, Joe and Malcolm was great. Malcolm came from the time period where men were gentlemen but every time Malcolm tried to act nice Lindy would either brush him off or look at him like he was odd. Of course it could be, because Lindy still liked Joe. Lindy never wanted her and Joe’s relationship to end. Lindy would like to start things up again with Joe but knows it wouldn’t work. I enjoyed Cravings but the only thing was that I had a feeling I knew who was causing the trouble between the vampires and humans really early on. I don’t mind when I figure out the culprit but I hate when it happens so early but the nice thing was how the culprit was dealt with was not for the weak at heart. Other than this fact Cravings was still a good story. I would read more by Teri Adkins.

Vampire Close by Susanne Saville.

Fiona MacPhee and Joan Armstrong are out one night when they run into a vampire. The vampire is named Rory MacLaren, he tells them that he knows about The Fury and that on the Samhain eve the Andromache will rise and take over the world. Rory says he can help them decipher the ancient language that the prophecy is written in. This way Fiona can figure out where the portal is located. Fiona is leery of Rory’s motives as well as why would a vampire want to help humans. The closer Rory and Fiona work together the more the attraction between them gets heated. So will Rory and Fiona be able to stop Andromache from rising or will they be too late?

I enjoyed the characters in this story…Fiona, Rory and Joan. The plot was pretty good except I found myself not getting into Vampire Close as quickly as I did Cravings. Not to say Vampire Close was bad as it was a good story as it did have lots of action and was well-written. It just seems to move slow at first but once I got further into the story it did pick up and I ended up liking Vampire Close. I have now read three books by Susanne Saville and enjoyed them all. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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Anonymous said…
Oooo - what a hot cover! Thanks for giving us the heads-up on these authors.

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