Learn the Mysteries of Hoodoo Money

I am so exicted to present to all of you hopefully a new author, well a new author to me. Her name is Sharon Cupp Pennington. Her book is titled Hoodoo Money (isn't that a fun name) . Also come back tomorrow and see my interview with Mrs. Pennington.

Braeden McKay a popular children’s author and her friend, Angeline St. Cyr are in New Orleans. Unfortunately for Braeden being in New Orleans is not all fun as it is also a working vacation for Braeden. While out and about visiting different places in the Big Easy, Angeline takes a nickel from the grave of Simone Dubois, who was known for being a gypsy hoodoo woman. If only Braeden had known than what she knows now, she would have stopped Angeline from taking that coin. Ever since that day things have went wrong for both Braeden and Angeline fast. The only good thing to come out of the Big Easy is Detective J. Sanderson Montgomery. Montgomery and Braeden may not have met in the best of circumstances but the longer they spend time together the more their attraction grows. So will Braeden find inspiration in New Orleans or will the ghosts make her take of running?

Who would have guessed that children’s book author, Braeden McKay would find herself in the middle of a mystery. I thought the storyline for Hoodoo Money played out very well. The character dynamitic were good as well as I felt the twists that were written happened in all the right places. What I also liked and think it helped with the story was the location of New Orleans. I would never have believed that Hoodoo Money was Sharon Cupp Pennington’s first novel, it was just so good. Sharon has definitely worked her voodoo magic on me. I can’t wait to check out Mrs. Pennington’s next novel.

Here is her website. Check it out.


Here's the link to buy this book in either PDF or Paperback format. http://www.draumrpublishing.com/store/cart.php?target=category&category_id=341


Anonymous said…
Yes indeed! Love that title. Also you can read a couple of chapters...maybe only one for free. I like the publisher's set up!
Liz said…
This is a new one to me, too, but I want to check this out. Too bad I just was at the library last night. I like more unusual books, and this sounds like one of those. Here's another, "3 Aces." It features a Vietnam vet suffering from PTSD and who hides from the world in the cab of histruck. Enter Dawn, a card shark of sorts who's also running from her domineering mother and her ex-husband suing her for custody of their daughter. Throw in the injured dog and you have romance!

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