Pearl's Redemption

It is 1870 in Emerson, Colorado. Pearl Lloyd is a strong, tough, no-nonsense woman. So when Davidson Smythe comes to her ranch stating that he is the new owner, Pearl shoots first and asks questions later. Unfortunately for Pearl, Smythe has proof in the form of the deed to prove he really is the new owner of the ranch. Pearl knows that can't be true as she herself has the deed to the ranch. When Pearl goes in search of her deed she finds it missing. The people of Emerson, Colorado want Pearl gone from their town now matter how they have to do it. Pearl is not going down without a fight. So Pearl and Smythe decide to team up together to fight the townspeople of Emerson in addition to helping Pearl to retain her ranch.

Pearl had a great personality. I loved the fact that she was so strong that she could take care of herself. You usually do not read many westerns where the women are just as tough as the guys. I thought Smythe made a good opponent to Pearl, especially if he can put up with Pearl shooting at him. Not many men can win Pearl over but it was fun to see Smythe try. Pearl's Redemption is such a wonderful, well-written western romance novel. This is the third book in the Irish Western Series. I have not read the first two books in this series but I thought Pearl's Redemption made a good stand-alone novel. In C.H. Admirand’s bio she mentions that she fell in love with Colorado after a trip her husband and she made. You can tell in the way she wrote Pearl's Redemption.

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Hmm I'm not usually a fan of westerns either but this does sound like it has potential :)
The Bookworm said…
I havent read many westerns myself, but the storyline sounds good.
Anonymous said…
I know how the author feels. I fell in love with CO too. But when I made it to WY, I knew I had to go back day.

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