Captain Devlin's Captive

I present to you another great author I have recently discovered in addition to enjoying reading her books. The lovely Susanne Saville.

Here's my review of Captain Devlin's Captive by Susanne Saville.

Jasabel Buchanan and Miss Felicity Chiltingham were guests of Captain Walters of Rebecca the ship. Jasabel a beauty with long black hair and a feisty attitude is the maid to Felicity, the Governor’s daughter. They are sailing to meet Felicity’s dad. Along the way though the ship gets overtaken by pirates and is now the possession of Captain Neil Devlin of Tyger. Captain Devlin may be a pirate but he is a handsome and dashing one at that. What with Devlin being tall as well as having nice, shiny raven hair. Devlin takes both Jasabel and Felicity aboard his ship as his captives. One look at Jasabel has Devlin knowing his has struck gold. While sailing the open seas Devlin and his crew come upon another his called the Black Snake, commandeered by Captain Pierre Le Chameau. Pierre is one ruthless man. He takes no prisoners and no one says “No” to him. While Pierre is aboard Tyger he is introduced to Felicity. When Devlin and Jasabel are indisposed, Pierre kidnaps Felicity and sails away. Now it is a race for Devlin and his crew to go after the Black Snake and save Felicity.

I really enjoyed this book. I had romance, adventure, a strong heroine, and a sexy hero in the form of a pirate. After the success of all three Pirate's movies, what lady in her right mind wouldn't want a pirate who is the captain of his own ship to steal her away for himself. At only 75 pages Captain Devlin's Captive is a quick read but a fun one at that. I found myself settling down and before I knew it I was done. The was just one minor ended! Susanne Saville can count me in as a new fan. Plus you know Susanne has to be good when her story Captain Devlin's Captive was chosen to be featured in a new anthology called Wicked Rogues.

Check out the contest Ms. Saville is holding over at AuthorIsland. Here is the link but you have to hurry as this contest ends July 20th.


Anonymous said…
75 pages? This isn't a novel then? It's a short story, right?
The Bookworm said…
I like the book cover, I think anything pirate related is always
happy sunday salon :)
Cheryl said…
Yes, it is a short story but a good one.
Sarita said…
This story sounds wonderfully intriguing. I'm going to remember this one! And Naida is right, the cover is a good one. I'm a sucker for pirates, too.

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