Choices Meant for Kings

It's Sunday. That means I bring you another fine edition of The Sunday Salon. This time I want to introduce you all to a wonderful woman by the name of Sandy Lender. She is the author of Choices Meant for Gods and her latest Choices Meant for Kings. Choices Meant for Kings will be released this fall.

Choices Meant for Kings is the second book to Choices Meant for Gods. It seems to pick right back up again. Where the old prophet has died and Amanda Chariss, Protector of the Master, Nigel Taiman, her dragon, and the rest of Amanda’s army are preparing for battle with Julette and Drake.

For those of you who are new to these books by Sandy Lender than you are in for a treat. If you like fantasy, adventure, and humor than you need to read this books.

So the story begins with Sorne Jeel has now become the new prophet. Julette or the dragon as she is called is a powerful sorcess who has traveled to Lorendell to see King Vrel Wendan. Julette is there to convince King Wendan to join Lord Jamieson Drake and his Dreorfahn army to conquer the northern continent of Onweald and destroy the master. The prophecy states that when Jake Taiman and Tiaha Wold marry Julette’s powers will increase.

Amanda and her army have captured Emperor Darne Wold. Amanda questions the Emperor of his knowledge of Julette’s plans. He reveals that The Dragon sent a couple of spies along with the Emperor’s party to report back to Julette. In addition Emperor Wold tells Amanda a surprising fact about Drake. Something happens to Amanda her geasa (powers) disappear. So Amanda and her army travel to Lorendell to see if the other sorcerers there have also lost their geasa as well as to convince the King to fight against Julette and Drake. Get ready for the battle to begin in addition to a few more surprises along the way.

I very much enjoyed Amanda’s take no prisoners’ attitude and the way the men respect but also fear her a little. Nigel was such a dear-heart (hush don’t tell him that), even if he is a dragon. The twists that Sandy threw into the storyline were great and I found them to be inserted at just the right places. Another nice fact I liked was that Choices Meant for Kings continued the story right away so that readers would not miss a beat with what was happening with Amanda, Nigel and all the others. There has only been one author that I have found that I liked who wrote this type of genre…fantasy and that was Maria V. Snyder, author of the Study series. Now counting Sandy Lenders books, I now have another favorite author I enjoy reading in the fantasy genre. Thank you Ms. Lender for making me such a fan.


The Bookworm said…
wow, these books sound interesting.
i'll have to check the authors site out.
enjoy your Sunday
Sandy Lender said…
Hi Cheryl! Hi Naida!
I moved into a new place over the weekend, so having a fabulous review of Choices Meant for Kings up when I come back to the internet was a wonderful gift. Thank you for the kind words!

And it looks like I need to have Nigel update that ol' blog about me...Bwuahahahahahaha. I'm sure he'll have something embarrassing to tell everyone considering all the trials of the move. Including the blowout on the moving truck. Oh,'s all goin' in a book someday.

Sandy Lender
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."
Anonymous said…
I'm not a huge fantasy groupie, but this sounds really good! Nice review!!
Hey, everyone! I'm Laura, a fellow writer and fan of Sandy's books. I know what you mean, fantasy was never my favorite read. Then the Harry Potter books came out, and I became interested, but in all honesty, I think Sandy's books are better.

My review will be up soon for Choices Meant for Kings. If you want to see my review of Choices Meant for Gods, there's one up at B&N, and at my blog,

I'm now anxious for the final book to come out!!

Laura :)

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