Extra, Extra! This Just In.

For all you fellow bloggers and reviewers. I was notified of this group on Ebay who has stolen peoples reviews and passed them off as their own. The person I learned it from found three of her's on there. Please check it out ASAP and contact EBAY right away. You can bet I am checking into this.

If you are a reviewer who prefers not to be plagiarized, you might want to check the link below. ‘Edson.financial. group’ has over 200 of other reviewers’ work that they have posted and claimed as their own on eBay.

http://search. reviews.ebay. com/members/ edson.financial. group


Jennifer A. Ray said…
Cheryl, thanks for posting this!!
Anonymous said…
Glad you're spreading the word!
The Bookworm said…
thats terrible, thanks for posting this link.
Jennifer A. Ray said…
As of now, their review count is down to 218. eBay has removed six of the plagiarized reviews so far.

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