It is Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles


My Review

There are so many revisions on this tale. I liked this twist that author, J.M. Sullivan took for this book. Of course, there was the undead but it also had a bit of a dystopian feel to it that I enjoyed.

The world of "Wanderland" is not all mystical. In fact, you could call it "upside down". Things you thought you knew about your favorite characters are not the same in this book. For example: Rabbit is a doctor, Mad Hatter is know as Matt Hatta, a mad scientist. the Queen, she is more evil, and my favorite Cheshire Cat aka Chess, a boy. The way that Chess kept pushing Alice's buttons made me smile and laugh. Yet, as much as the momerath were supposed to be feared, I did not fear them as much as I did the evil Queen. You do not want to get on her bad side. Although, I don't think she has a good side. The ending was a bit of a surprise. It left me looking forward to the next book.

A Note From the Publisher


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