My Life Undecided is a fun, quick, charming read.

It all started when Brooklyn Pierce’s parents went out of town to visit colleges with Brooklyn’s sister. Brooklyn and some friends had a party in one of Brooklyn’s mom’s model homes. The party got out of control and the house burned. Now Brooklyn has been sentenced to community service. Brooklyn feels like her life is over. She is stuck with Mrs. Moody. An elderly resident at the nursing home that Brooklyn is serving her community service at. All Mrs. Moody wants to do is make Brooklyn read her choose your own adventure stories. It is from these books that Brooklyn decides to start her own blog. Only her blog will be one where people can choose for Brooklyn what choices she makes. So if she makes a bad one than it will be the people’s fault. One of the most important choices is selecting between Hunter and Brian.

This book surprised me in a good way. It is not something that I would have typically chosen but the synopsis of the book is what got my interest. Writing a blog, where you let people decide for you what choices you make…scary but intriguing. I liked the whole choose your own adventure theme that this book was based on. Though as Brooklyn learned in the end that you have to make your own choices and not leave them up to others. It just depends on how you make your choices. Jessica Brody did a good job on this book. I will check out more of her work in the future. Mrs. Moody was my favorite. She may act like her name on the outside but on the inside, she really is a softie. My Life Undecided is a fun, quick, charming read.


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