The Informationist!!

Vanessa Michael Munroe is an informationist. She gathers information on criminals. To her targets she is a man and goes by either Michael or Munroe. Though, you would never remember Munroe if you saw her working in action. She is good at her job. This is why billionaire Burbank hires Munroe. His daughter, Emily has gone missing in Africa.

I so wanted to love this book but I couldn’t. I barely liked the book. I started reading this book and got a few chapters in. I put it down without my bookmark and forgot my place as I did not come right back to the book. Once, I did come back to the book, I read about one more page and than put it down. I was done with the book. Munroe was intriguing. I like what she does for a living. She is like a super cool spy but it takes more than just cool costumes and brain smarts to be a “super”. Munroe was lacking in the personality department. For me anyways. The story was dragging. Also, I have to agree with some of the other readers that Munroe’s “greatness” was all talk. She talked a great walk but she never really showed it. The story line seemed to jump around a lot. If the plot could have been stronger without so much description and Munroe was not just one dimensional, than I would have been singing a different tune for this book. A happy one.


The Bookworm said…
It sounds good. Too bad it dissapointed.

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