London Boulevard

Mitchell has just spent three years in the slammer for a crime he claims he was not guilty for. Now that Mitchell has been released for good behavior, he plans to make the most of his second chance by turning his life around. Unfortunately, trying to better yourself is hard to do when your only ride are people from your past. Good buddy, Billy Norton is happy to see Mitchell. There is one problem...Billy works for a notorious loan shark by the name of Tommy Logan. Tommy wants Mitchell to work for him. That is the last thing Mitchell wants.

Luckily, Mitchell ends up landing a job as a handy man for one time famous actress, Lillian Palmer. From the first moment Mitchell lays eyes on Lillian, he is memorized by her beauty. Lillian is a recluse. She hides out a lot in her bedroom. Though, Mitchell works for Lillian, it is really Jordan, who calls the shots.

I really liked Mitchell. He was a bit of a softie but don’t tell him that. When it came to his sister, he is the perfect brother. When it came to Mitchell and Jordan squaring off, I thought they were evenly matched. I do have to give it up to Jordan for the spooky factor. He is one of those silent types, who you need to watch your back around or else. This book read fast. There were a few twists and a few slow points. Overall, a good read.


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