Luck of the Draw

The citizens of New York City are not safe. For they have a serial killer on their hands. One that has no rhyme or reason as far as the police can identify. Locking your doors will do you no good. This killer has no remorse. The killer targets everyone from…women to little children. The media is calling the killer…The Daily Killer. Because you never know when your number will be called next.

Detective Deke Durgess is feeling the pressure from his boss to solve these murders quickly. Unfortunately, The Daily Killer has been smart and not tripped up once. As the body count piles up, Detective Durgess wonders if he will ever be able to stop the killer. The killer’s luck just may have run out as he makes his first mistake.

Andrew J. Cardieri has done a nice job with his first novel. Unlike, Las Vegas you’re your luck can run out; with Luck of the Draw, you can guarantee a good read. Mr. Cardieri brings a fast, pace momentum of adrenaline to the story line with a few twists and sharp turns, along the way. Detective Durgess is one sharp tack. I liked this about him. So many times, I read books where the detectives are that bright or they are smart but not very engaging. As much as I enjoyed this book, there was a few times where the intensity levels started to dip. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Cardieri comes out with next.


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