Here comes The Edge of Forever.

Michael Hanson is just an average guy. He was getting out of his car to go to the grocery store when he felt a slight tremor beneath his feet. Michael stumbles but doesn’t think anything about the tremor. He is more drawn to the woman in the parking lot. Her name is Cassie McMurphy. Michael feels a strange connection to her. Michael follows Cassie home, where he husband is waiting for her. He is very abusive. Michael rescues Cassie and they run away.

While driving, Michael and Cassie experience another tremor. They think it might be an earthquake but it was too small to be one. Michael is excited as he is going on a cross country journey to visit with his two brothers, Stephen and Mark and their families. It isn’t long after the tremors that cites all over the world start reporting abnormities of the extreme kind. Will Michael, Cassie and his brothers survive or will they perish? To find out you will have to check out the next book, The Edge of Forever: Brink of Extinction.

Think of the worst disaster both natural and man made…now combine them all together and what do you get…The Edge of Forever. The debut and first novel in the Edge of Forever series by Dr. Jeff Chimenti. In the preface, Dr. Chimenti talks about a tiny blip of geological time that we as humans have probably experienced before but thought nothing of it. These same blips are what the dinosaurs experienced. These blips are from earthquakes. This story will have readers traveling all over from Reno, Nevada to Denver, Colorado. The story is too the extreme and can at times seem way out there but at the same time it is interesting as the story is also based on true events. I thought Michael and Cassie worked well together. The next novel sounds like it promises lots more excitement.


Linda Jacobs said…
Sounds like my kind of book! Good characters facing life and death situations. Doesn't get much better!

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