Faces in the Pool

Lovejoy has been released from prison again. When he gets out, he meets Laura Moon. Laura is a millionaire. She proposes a joint union with Lovejoy. She offers him a marriage of convenience in exchange for a cut of her riches. Laura tells Lovejoy that her former husband has gone into hiding. She wants to draw him out Lovejoy agrees, though he suspects something is up. Has Lovejoy gotten in way over his head this time?

Faces in the Pool is the latest Lovejoy mystery novel by author, Jonathan Gash. I believe it can be read as a stand alone novel. I thought this book started out good but about midway through the book, I started to lose interest. I did finish the book though. It was a little bit of both the plot as well as the characters. The story jumped around too much for me. Lovejoy seemed very interesting but unfortunately he and I did not make much of a connection. Faces in the Poll is a classic who-dun-it mystery with a few modern twists. Fans of mysteries may enjoy this book.


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