Come Along to the Movies

Admit One: A Journey into Film is Emmett James's story about his childhood and his love of movies. What I really loved about this book was Mr. James's un-censored take on movies, growing up into adult hood, his feels towards a certain actor and life in general. Admit One: A Journey into Film had me laughing at the good times and there were plenty. Like the time when Emmett just knew he was destined to be the next greatest superhero sidekick, or the time he tried to cop a feel with Joanne Hardy, also the time when Emmett was explaining that you can always count on the fact that at all movie set buffets you can find red licorice, and my favorite was his feelings towards a famous trained monkey (actor). Ok, I will give you a clue who it is....yeah right you will just have to read the book for yourself to find out.

Admit One: A Journey into Film is one of those rare books that just make you feel good inside. I found myself having a hard time putting this book down. Everytime I would start, it was not long before I had it back in my hands and before you knew it I was finished reading it. Thank you Mr. James for not being bashful in writing this novel Admit One: A Journey into Film. I now have a new book to recommend to all my friends. For anyone who has a love for any type of movies needs to read Admit One: A Journey into Film. It will make you remember all the good times about your childhood and wish you were young again! Pop yourself a bag of popcorn and settle in to read Emmett James's Admit One: A Journey into Film.

I want to thank Lisa Roe for letting me read this book.


Anonymous said…
LOL - I just saw this book on another blog. :) All my blogging buddies are reading it! If I didn't have a ton of books, I'd feel left out. But I have tooooooo many and need to spend more time reading instead of!
KyleeJ said…
you and me both j. kaye!
Anonymous said…
Can you please publish your review on I think it's a wonderful review and will really help people find the book.



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