Gemini Heat

Deana is the fun loving and spontaneous twin. Delia could be considered the plain and sensible one. Every year they celebrate their birthdays together but when Delia has to bail this year, she gives her sister Deana her invite to attend a showing of erotica in Visions of Eroticism the de Guile collection. There she meets a mysterious gentleman names Jake who seduces her. They end up having sex. When he asks her what her name is, she says it is Dee. They next day before Deana has a chance to tell her sister about the man she met, Delia is called to see her boss Mr. Jackson Kazuto de Guile. He mistakes her for Dee. Unable to stop thinking about their wild night together he gives Delia multiple orgasms there in his office. He wants to see her again so he asks her out. The problem is that both Deana and Delia both want the same guy. The twins decide to take turns playing Dee in the Gemini game. Unfortunately it is harder than they think as Jake is a maestro with his fingers. He can make Dee come at just the touch of a finger.

Portia Da Costa is a master of erotica. This is my first book by her but if Gemini Heat is any indication of her work than I am sure that it will be a safe bet that the rest of her novels will be first-class. Portia Da Costa’s writing was so realistic that I could almost feel Jake’s breath on my neck. Let me tell you: Delia might have started out plain in addition to having a hard time orgasming but after only one experience with Jake there was no more saying she couldn’t. Gemini Heat will touch you in a good way in all the right places. I already have a list of other books I want to read by Portia Da Costa.


The Bookworm said…
hi, sounds spicy!
I recently read Kathleen Dante in this same genre, shes good too.

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