Vineyard Mambo

Anna and Tony brought a farmhouse with tons of acreage that included a vineyard. Nonno, Tony’s grandfather, lives in a cottage on the neighboring property. Diane has been Anna’s best friend for about five years. Diane calls to tell Anna that Marge and Sam Pilchards were found at their home attacked. The police suspect foul play. Sam is in the hospital listed in critical condition. Marge is dead. Anna can’t believe this happened. Murders just don’t happen in Milton Falls. Jack and Kate, another couple in the neighborhood are acting like something is not right with them but what could it be?

Every year Milton Falls holds their annual Zucchini Festival. So when it seems like this year’s festivals might be postponed, Anna decides to play detective. She wishes everything would go back to normal.

Vineyard Mambo is a must read. Talk about a fun book. The first thing I noticed was the title of each chapter, for example Hot Waffle Kisses or how about Grilled Pizza and Cold Leads. Nonno has a secret romance going on with someone in town. The ending was a happy as well as a good one. As I was reading I could just about picture myself living in Milton Falls. Sarita Leone is such a wonderful prolific writer. I can’t wait to read more books by this author.


Sarita Leone said…
Oh Cheryl, what a lovely surprise! Thank you for posting this! You've made my day.

I am currently working on a follow-up to Vineyard Mambo, called Seaside Shimmy. I am having fun "talking" with Anna, Tony and Nonno again. And Merlot, too!

Take care! :)

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