Book Review: Where Souls Collide


He’s not the Prince Charming in my fairytale.
He’s the big, bad wolf.
Seductive, like the snake in the garden.
His secrets will destroy me.
If I don’t destroy myself first.

* * * * *

The angel wants to know what it’s like to dance with the devil, and I’m about to show her the way.
I don’t deserve her.
But I crave her.
I’ll devour her.
I’ll fight for her.
I’ll own her.
And when my enemies come after her, I’ll protect her.
Even if it’s the last thing I ever do.

Where Souls Collide is book two in a trilogy. It is not a standalone. All books should be read in order.

My Review

This book picks up soon after the first book. So, you do need to read these books in chronological order. My feelings for Makenna were real. After the tragically she experienced, I was ready for her to find some happiness again.

While Cal was introduced in the first book, I felt that he was a mystery, and I did not really know too much about him. In this book, I got to see the man behind the mask. The chemistry these two shared between them is very hot but it is the emotions that really get me with these two. There is anguish, heartache, and love.

There is also some suspense element in this book. I can't wait to read book three and maybe hear Cal "growl" some more.


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