Book Review: Craving Madness


It'll take luck, strength, and madness to rid this wondrous land of its current nightmare.

I'd written off my trip down the rabbit hole as a fever dream until the Hatter sends me a plee for help. Wonderland is in trouble, and everyone's counting on me to save them.

Only this isn’t the Wonderland I remember.

Wicked magic and danger lurk around every corner, and I no longer recognize the animals I once knew. They're now sexy shifter men bent on avenging their home and reclaiming the land, but it's clear they want to claim me too.

And I'm eager to let them.

Craving Madness is the first book in the Reclaiming Wonderland series. It is a why choose, paranormal romance retelling with dark themes.

My Review

I like this dark, monster Alice in Wonderland, why choose retelling. In fact, I liked it so much that I finished the book in one day. Instantly, I was sucked into this twisted, dangerous new Wonderland with Alice. It is not for the faint of heart. The monsters are real. 

Ok, so I never really found the twins even remotely appealing, but I have to say that in this book, I would not mind being the "middle" to a Dion and Dunn sandwich. As it having brothers was not enough, there is The Cheshire Cat, who is now known as Chester, a six-foot-tall man with coppery skin and shoulder length black braids. 

I can't wait to continue this series with book two after the cliffhanger. I need to know who the mystery man is, and will Alice save Wonderland or will it consume her. 


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