Book Review: Chase Midnight


From the best selling author of the killer boys...

Grant :
I knew heartbreak was inevitable for me but I ignored the warning signs.
Now I’m single, hurt, and needing to run away.
I found a cabin for a weekend getaway a few hours away, but it looks like I’m not the only one who’s calling it a home away from home.
I didn’t expect a reunion.

Aspen :
Of all the people to show back up in my life, it had to be him.
The one I watched get away.
My old best friends boyfriend.
When I look at him, I feel desire and the need to protect him.
His tired and hurt eyes bring out a primal urge I’ve been suppressing for far too long, and I think he sees it, too.
I never thought I’d get a second chance and I won’t screw this one up.

Chase Midnight (one dark night book one) is a 15k one-night, one-shot novella. This means that the two characters fall quickly and get together quickly. This is instalove.

My Review

This is a really nice, quick spicy read. Who would not want to find themselves in a forced proximity with their crush. That is what happens between Grant and Aspen. There was an instant chemistry shared between these two. it only grew the longer these two were in each other's company. This novella is just what I needed. I look forward to reading more of these from author, MP Bates. 


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