Book Review: Fast Track


I may be a bodyguard, but I can’t protect my heart from her.
She’s fire and ice. She’s emotional and yet logical. She’s beautiful and sexy. She’s everything I have ever wanted. But she’s not mine. Not anymore. Lucia and I blew up a few months ago after she almost died in a racing crash, and I carelessly told her something about herself she didn’t know.
I stopped working for her sister, got a new job, and let her live without me. That’s what she wanted. We were supposed to be a casual fling, but apparently, my heart didn’t read the fine print. Now she’s traveling the world in her first F1 season, and I’m guarding an annoyingly self-absorbed pop star.
Until I get a frantic call from her Dad telling me someone is stalking Lucia. He wants to hire me back, and whether she wants me in her life or not, I’m taking the job. I can handle her better than anyone. And when she decides to let me handle her again — in all the ways I used to — I can’t say no. Even if it means she speeds off with my heart yet again.

My Review

I have read a few race car romances, but they have featured male drivers. I like that this series features female drivers..."Woman Power". 

Wow, what a first meeting again between Lucia and Nick. First, they were arguing with each other and the next moment, they were messing up the bedsheets. While I don't like people up in my space, I would not mind a bodyguard, if he was someone like Nick. 

It was nice to see both a vulnerable side and strong side to Lucia. It made her more relatable and engaging. In addition to dealing with a mental disability. One that does not hinder Lucia.  It is just nice to see characters dealing with physical/mental conditions and not them being hidden as something to be ashamed of. This book may be a romance, but it is not just about that. There is a really good storyline woven in with the romance. 


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