Book Review: SmartAss

 The Bombshells Series is coming to an end!!!!

Coming April 18th, SMARTASS, Book Four in the Bombshells Series!!!

Being a widow is no fun. Not only have you lost the love of your life, but now you’re a single mom of three kids. And when one of your kids starts exhibiting symptoms of the very thing that killed your husband, you do two things. You turn to Dr. Google to make your already worried mind worry more, and you become a mama bear who will take no shit. And that includes from the sexy but dismissive pediatrician.
Divorced and in need of a change, Dr. Reid Winston moves to Rockplaines to take over the practice of his former preceptor. A work opportunity for his ex-wife throws Reid into full-time single fatherhood and lands him next door to the woman that probably loathes him the most.
While proximity makes them friendly, Sammy’s Smartass mouth makes his hand tingle and her ass sting.

My Review

I got emotional reading this book. One because Sammy found love again and two because it is the end of this series. One that I have grown very close to all of the characters. Yet, Carla did not let me down, she brought the laughs and romance. 

I love that Reid and Sammy were giving me enemies to lovers and grumpy/sunshine vibes. To see the change from formal, uptight Reid to commanding, grabs her by the face and kisses her Reid is steamy as all get out! Sammy, you go woman. You deserve it. Fans of this series will love this book and conclusion to this series. 


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