Book Review: The Right Wrong Number



A year after his husband dies in a car accident, Julian is still paralyzed by grief. When his eccentric friend Nora insists he needs to start moving on, he texts his husbands old phone number in an attempt to heal his wounds. Little does he know, there's someone at the end of the line that may end up giving him a second chance at both life and love.


Liam is tired of living his sad bachelor life. In an attempt to move on from his meaningless hookups, he changes his phone number. When he suddenly starts getting texts from a mysterious "Jules" he has no idea just how much his life is about to change.

The Right Wrong Number is an MM romance. It's a story of second chances, healing, and finding love again.

My Review

I loved this book so much. This book does not read like a debut novel from new author, Katie. She brought the charm, humor, and engaging characters that I just wanted to hang out with. 

While, the main leads are Julian and Liam, there are two others that can't be left out without a mention. They are Julian's friend, Nora and Julian's deceased husband's cat, Fishsticks. Love's Nora's enthusiasm for Julian to get back out into the dating world and when he did find someone. Her joy is infectious. 

I swear that Fishsticks is James reincarnated. Thus, the reason that 'Satan" aka Fishsticks warmed up to Liam. He knew what was good for Julian. Lastly, the humor came from the ninety's movies and corny dad vegetable jokes that Liam made. Looking forward to what Katie comes out with next. The Right Wrong Number is the right must read!


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