Book Review: Their Broken Legend


My peers think I’m a tramp.

The District believes I’m the flawless youngest daughter of a tycoon.

Neither is true. And I’m about to have my world, my house, my rose-coloured glasses, and all, stripped from beneath my Jimmy Choo heels.

With one flickering light at the end of the tunnel…

Xander Butcher.

The city’s boxing legend is a hot mess. He’s the youngest son of a champion boxer, with huge gloves to fill and a dark legacy to abide by.

At the perfect moment, we collide.

We're dirty, we're raw, and our souls mend before we catch our breath.

But some of the broken pieces of Xander will never heal, not with time, not with help, and I’m holding on as he falls, clutching… even after my hands are empty.

Their Broken Legend is part of The Kids of The District series but can be read without the previous books, although it follows a greater narrative. It has a happily ever after. No cheating. No other woman drama. It has violence, steam, gore, angst, and romance. Enjoy.

My Review

As usual, Nicci out does herself with this book. I absolutely loved it so much. yet, at the same time i was trying to read it very slowly knowing this was the last book to this series. A series that I hold near and dear to my heart. The Butcher Boys are amazing. The tribe of Butcher Girls just as awesome, one that I am lucky and happy to be a part of. 

OMG, I thought I was ready for Xander's story, but nothing prepared me for the emotions I had reading this book. Max is still my favorite, but Xander is right up there now. All I wanted to do was to hold him. He found a good one in Kaya. Loved her wildcat, feisty side to her. 

While I did not cry, I almost lost it towards the end with Bronson's letter and when all of the Butcher Boys were hanging out talking about family and their futures. A fitting ending to this beloved series.


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