Book review: Where Angels Fall


Makenna Taylor and Reid Landry are high school sweethearts. He was her first. Her only. They had life all planned out. Right down to the white picket fence and 2.5 kids. Then Reid joined the Marines, and from that day forward, life as Makenna knew it would never be the same.

She thought she was a simple girl with a part time job waiting tables while she worked her way through college. She thought she had the fairytale. She thought Callisto Suppato was just another man.
She was wrong.

Soon, she would learn that every family has secrets. Every stranger has a dark side. And love isn’t just a simple four-letter word. The curtain is pulled back, and Makenna’s world begins to unravel, thread by thread, to reveal something darker. Something she’d only heard about in the whispers of her grandmother’s living room. A world many know about but simply refuse to see.

This is 
not an MFM story. It is not a love triangle and there is NO CHEATING. This is the story of three people’s lives intertwined in the threads of fate and the timeless question that always remains unanswered: What if?

The City of Sin trilogy was previously published as Sin with Me in 2016. It has been rewritten as dual POV with new content that now spans over three books.

My Review

Wow, the emotions that Makenna and Reid shared for one another is very strong. They were definitely felt through the pages of this book. It was a very physical relationship. There were emotions but I felt them the most towards the end of the story. This is also where I really felt like I was hooked by this book. Why I also felt more hooked towards the end of the story is because the story did feel a bit rushed to the point that I did not get that chance to experience the emotional side as much between Makenna and Reid until the one specific moment. 

Looking forward to reading the next book in this series to better get to know Cal and see how he and Makenna interact with one another. From the few chapters towards the end that featured Cal, I know the next book is going to be darker and full of action. I am ready for it. 


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