Book Review: Hell's Seduction: The Siren's Terror


When the Princess of Algeria goes missing, all eyes train on Deimos—the God of Terror. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, she went willingly. Absconding from her father took years of planning. Finding just the right god to get the job done, Eleni is finally clear of her father’s fists.

But has she gotten in over her head with the god who saved her?

Deimos is hanging on by a thin thread of sanity, grappling with what he wants to do to the siren. As he wars with himself on what to do, another falls victim to the siren’s terror. For a siren has a power all its own, and Eleni isn’t afraid to wield it.

Will the God of Terror be able to keep his wits with the stolen princess, or will she prove too much for his resolve? Or will the powers she uses against him be too much?

This story is loosely based on Greek Mythology and is a Why Choose Romance story.

My Review

If you have been reading through this series, you know each book just gets better and better. I so was ready for a why choose book. I know that author, K.M. can write why choose from her other book, The Demons of Hawthorne Manor.

Eleni, Typhon, and Deimos...this trio is hellfire hot! I could not get enough of all of the steamy scenes between this trio. Not that I really have a favorite, but I might like Deimos slightly more. This is only because he was more of the tortured soul. So, it was nice to see him find love and happiness.

K.M. gives me all the hotness that I need. She never lets me down. Although, she does love her cliffhangers! You are killing me with these cliffhangers. Just kidding. Luckily, I don't have to wait too long between books.


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