Book Review: Bargain with the Boogeyman


A deal with Lucifer's son.

A curse as old as time.

A woman caught in the middle of both.

And the monster who stands to win the most.

This is a dark monster romance. Please be aware before reading.

My Review

I am really getting into the whole monster romance theme. So, happy to see one of my favorite authors has jumped into this trend. Who isn't afraid of the Boogeyman. Yet now that I know he can do amazing things with his claws and forked tongue, I welcome him to visit me anytime.

Despite Sibyl being afraid of Efrain, I love her spunky attitude that she gave to Efrain. Let's just say that his "punishment" was welcomed. As I stated earlier, he is very skilled with his claws and forked tongue. Just thinking about Efrain gives me "w@t" dreams. So, glad to see that this book is the first in this series as this book left me growling for me.


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