Book Review: The Beauty of Butterflies


Lost. Broken. Alone.

A fragment of my former self.

A butterfly with broken wings.

With no sense of direction, and nowhere to go, I’m left seeking out the last person who expected to see me.

Hades Gray, also known as my brother’s best friend.

He’s part of Carnival de Morte, otherwise known as the Carnival of Death.

A secret society.

He was my childhood crush, though those feelings don’t nearly compare to the fire that explodes between us now, leaving scars on my heart and finger imprints upon my skin.

He isn’t like other men, and I’m instantly captivated by his touch.

There’s a mystery about him that I’m nearly desperate to uncover.

It’s only when he lays his fingers on my skin do I realize the type of man he really is.

Commanding. Possessive. Dominant.

And it only takes a glance from him before I fall to my knees.

He wants to protect me, to fix the broken wings atop my back.

Though, soon enough, there isn’t anyone who can protect me from the evil headed my way, not even Hades Gray.

Secrets are uncovered. Lives are lost.

And through it all, I learn to fly again.

My name is Vivianna Finch.

Welcome to my story, it’s only just begun.

My Review

Ever since I discovered A.R.'s books, I can't get enough of them or to read them fast enough. Although, I have to say that this book is probably the fastest I have read of her books so far. I felt the deep, personal emotions that A.R. infused into the pages of this book. This is what reading The Beauty of Butterflies is like...It was as if my heart was being slowly crushed to dust, only to have the ashes remolded back together again!

Vivianna aka Villian as the guys (Brennan, Liam, and Kennedy) liked to call her has my heart from the very beginning. Yet, Hades had my soul and body. Just the name Hades means he is trouble but the best kind. What a cliffhanger. I can't wait to read book two and see how this trilogy continues. Plus, I want to get to know more about Brennan, Liam and Kennedy. 


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