Book Review: Stix

 Three Forks is a settlement of new beginnings… or at least that's what Pete tells himself. Sixteen years ago, the Levin brothers moved from the city to the mountains to start their lumber company and create a name for themselves, along with the town Three Forks, but something never sat right with Iva when the workers kept disappearing… and ghastly remains kept being found. After being released from prison, Pete is looking forward to a rare second chance in Three Forks, West Virginia, working for the Levin Lumber Company. Although he struggles to get along with his drunk boss and the town of people who want to avoid him, he knows this opportunity isn’t one to be wasted—he has a family he needs to send money home to and a felony for murder on his record, leaving him with few prospects. It was almost too good to be true when he received that letter from Henry Levin just before his sentence was up, but as this town—and its woods—reveals their secrets, Pete wonders if receiving that letter was truly too good to be true after all… because life in the stix isn’t for the faint of heart.

My Review
This is my first introduction to author Breanna Leslie. What drew me and kept me reading this book was the Appalachian lore aspect. As I have to admit that I struggled to form strong emotional connections to any of the characters. Yet, for the way the author wrote the book drawing on the forklore aspect is what made this book very intriguing. 

I could see this book being turned into a movie on the big screen. It definitely would draw a crowd. I do have to say that it was fun to tease my husband about this book. He is a logger. 

The time period switching did confuse me in the beginning. it was not as easy a transition as I did not really catch the switching. As the story progresses, it becomes darker and the creepiness increasing. readers of horror books will want to check out this book. 


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