Book Review: Ass-Backwards


*ASS-BACKWARDS, A Bombshells Series Novella**

What do you do when you've hit your limit on terrible dates? Well, if you're Anna Garrett, you decide to swear off relationships all together and start using men for sex. That was the dates, just orgasms.

Since moving to Rockplaines to be closer to his sister, Kyle has had his eyes on one woman. She was curvy and sweet and made him feel like a blathering idiot every time he attempted to talk to her.

A few tequila shots, a little flirting and a walk in the woods, finally make for a night that Kyle can't remember, and Anna won't soon forget. But she can't date him, can she? She got what she wanted and is supposed to move on, right? Since when did hooking up get so complicated, and why did this all seem ass-backwards?

My Review

I love this series so much. Reading this novella brought joy as I got to revisit with old friends. Yes, at this point I consider all of the characters more than just people in books but friends. This novella was the perfect quick story. 

Anna with her bold attitude of taking the lead kept things interesting and entertaining. I like how shy Kyle came off when it pertained to Anna. Yet, I felt the deep stare that he gave Anna when they were at his apartment. A man that looks at a woman like that...HOT! 

Fans of this series like I am will really enjoy this quick, steamy read to get them in the mood for the last book in this series. 


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