Book Review: Sunk


The ocean is dark and filled with mystery, but it’s not the only thing with secrets.

Lucy Sodaro has always wanted to explore the ocean. She never thought it would turn into a career, and definitely not one with her childhood best friend, Tucker, by her side. But now both are marine biologists, living their best life, until Abyss – a private company with murky intentions – offers them the chance of a lifetime. Three months at the bottom of the ocean inside their submarine, the Siren. Lucy and Tucker jump at the opportunity to do what they both love. Explore, with no limits, and all expenses paid.

But the childhood best friends aren’t prepared for everything they discover on the ocean floor. Captain Jack might be an experienced submariner, but he doesn’t seem to enjoy women being in his space. And Nathan, the shy navigator, is too busy managing his panic attacks to be much help.

Relationships new and old are tested when the journey continues to expose secrets, both about the depths of the sea and the dark desires inside each crew member. The ocean doesn’t discriminate, and when things go awry, the team must set aside personal grievances to survive their mission, regardless of the cost.

Because at the bottom of the ocean, the only way out is up.

Sunk is a standalone, why choose novel.

My Review

I am one of Torri's biggest supporters. We met through another author friend of her's a couple years ago. Since, then I have read every book of Torri's. I love each book and the reason is that she gives a part of herself in every story and characters. 

OMG. This book is my absolute favorite one of them all. My heart literally cried with joy and at the same time it shattered into a million pieces that I had to put back together again, just to have it shattered again. In fact, I am still processing the story as I am not ready to let Lucy, Tucker, Jack, and Nathan go yet. 

There was a raw beauty in the emotional and physical connection that all four of these characters shared with one another. I craved for the spicy moments so much. Seriously, I am trying to really gush about this book, it is that amazing! Torri, you have really outdone yourself with this book. 


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