The Highlander's Holiday Wife


Filled with saucy wit, surprising twists, and unforgettable lovers, the latest novel in USA Today bestselling author Vanessa Kelly's captivating historical romance series puts the most levelheaded Kendrick at the center of a passionate and perilous adventure...

It's Christmastime in Edinburgh, but Lady Samantha Penwith's secret mission takes no holiday: the Highlands-born lass vows to find the assailants who murdered her beloved husband, founder of a charitable school for orphaned boys. On her latest undercover excursion, she closes in on a pair of armed attackers and interrupts another assault, then disappears into the darkness, leaving the lone victim mystified--and lucky to be alive...

Braden Kendrick may be the sensible brother, yet the dedicated doctor routinely ignores the dangers of his late-night calls to the city's slums. But when a fleet-footed rescuer saves his life, he's determined to uncover the stranger's identity. And once he does, he'll find himself facing his own past loss for the first time--and more than willing to risk his heart again, just in time to make the Clan Kendrick's Christmas celebrations more festive than ever...

My Review

I have not read the other books in this series but the brief little bit I was introduced to some of the other Clan Kendrick family, I do want to check out the prior books. Being a doctor, Braden has a very sensible personality. That is why I think he needed a woman like Samantha in his life. She was more spirited. There were some really funny moments where I did find myself laughing. 


Mystica said…
The saucy wi and romance is enough to catch my interest
Thanks for the review

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