Book Review: Unwrapped


The moment Davina heard her trash cans tip over and a man shouting in her yard, should’ve been the moment she stayed in her home. Or, the moment she called the police. But instead, she stormed outside, and shouted at him.

This is the moment her Christmas took a turn, going from lonely to filled with desire and three men that will change her forever.

My Review

I really enjoyed this quick, steamy novella from one of my favorite authors. It was giving my vibes of another one of KM's books, The Demons of Hawthrone Manor. Which I really enjoyed that book as well. Unwrapped is just the gift I needed this holiday season!

Davina is one very luckily woman to have three guys desire her. There is no picking favorites of the three men, Daire, Win, and Ty. I loved all three men. This may be a novella, but it will satisfy you like a full length three hundred page book. If it is your first book, I do suggest read The Demons of Hawthrone Manor next.


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